Win one of my favourite books!

Hi there beautiful living creature ?

A few weeks ago I found myself laying on the floor eating raw brownies, when I jumped over to instagram to find that I had the 10k number on my very own account

While I’m not here for the numbers, I did get very excited, because it means that I reach more and more people with a message I think is very important. I see you all as friends rather than “followers”, and I’m so grateful for you that I don’t even know where to begin.

What I love the most is all the messages and lovely conversations we have, all the love I find in the comment section, and how my own struggles and win’s is received with so much unconditional love and support. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’ve been looking for a way to give back to you for a while now, and the way I decided to do it this time unfolded in a very synchronistic way.

I’ve been obsessing with Michael A. Singer for a while now. Swallowing both The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment whole. So much so I wasn’t completely satisfied reading them on iBooks – I wanted them in paperbacks as well. So I ordered one copy of both, but what happened is that I got both those books + an additional one of The Surrender Experiment!

This was right at the time where I was looking for something to give to you – and I knew that this was it. I truly believe that whoever wins this giveaway is supposed to have this book.

Books are, in my opinion, one of the biggest and greatest gifts you can receive. Because when you’re finished reading you’re in some way a different person. Books changes us, no matter if it’s fiction, literature or a self help book.

I am giving away this book on my Instagram page here – and you can attend up until March 5th.

The book is about Michael Singer’s life, and how by surrendering to life he ended up accomplishing amazing things. For example starting a billion-dollar public company and a thriving spiritual community on over six hundred acres of pristine forest and meadows in Florida.

It changed my life in many ways, and I hope it will change yours too.

Anne-Line Erlandsen

Anne-Line Erlandsen, a 28 year old girl from Norway. I'm a certified holistic health coach studying marketing, and with this website I put my ass where my heart wants to be – in writing, self expression and creativity.