Vegan makeup-brush brands

Like I said in my post about vegan and organic makeup brands, I’m all about choosing vegan whenever I can. Makeup is one of the areas where doing so has become very easy. And especially with high quality makeup brushes, as we only really have to buy them once.

I remember when I was younger, and I stumbled upon a brush made of goat hair. I remember thinking this is so SOFT. I want to cuddle it all day. I wasn’t educated enough to understand that there was actually parts of an innocent animal I was stroking over my skin (although it said goat hair) – no wonder I wanted to cuddle it.

I’m not for animal testing or the use of animal by-products at all, and really think animals have a bigger purpose here on planet earth than to be used for makeup application. That’s why I find it so cool that we’re living in a world that are becoming more and more aware of this, and offers awesome makeup products without animals in them.

Today I’ll show you 4 brands that makes vegan makeup brushes, so that you can look like a doll and leave the animals alone at the same time.


A sweet little US brand, which makes all their brushes from recycled materials such as bamboo. They place a huge emphasis on being environmental friendly, chic and affordable at the same time.

In my makeup bag you can find three of these, and I love them. I’ve had them for years and they still works perfectly. I use this one for bronzer and finishing my makeup, this one (to the left) for concealer and foundation on smaller areas, and this one (to the right) for eyeshadow.



UK based brand, with all vegan makeup brushes. I’ve never tried any of them, but they look high quality and pretty! You can find them here.



As far as I can tell these are UK made, and do an awesome job to support the environment. Not only are their brushes sustainable, but also the packaging. The brushes have bamboo handles, and the packaging are printed with vegetable inks and have ‘windows’ made from corn starch – stuck using solvent free water based adhesives. Pretty awesome, hey?

I recently bought their powder brush, and it’s perfect for contouring or applying bronzer.



You’ve heard of this brand, right? I had no idea they were all vegan before my friend started working there. They are US based I think, but you can find them all over Europe as well. This brand is high quality in everything they do – if it wasn’t for the fact that their makeup aren’t organic (yet?!) I would dive all in. You can find them here.


Do you know of any awesome brands?  ?

Anne-Line Erlandsen

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