Tips for healing anxiety holistically

Hi loves – feels like its been forever!

I would love to update you on my life, but if I ever do; that will be a different post ?

Although I haven’t been that present on my social media accounts for quite a while, I still get DM’s and questions about anxiety. How to heal it holistically, my tips, my story, what I recommend doing. I kind of feel like it’s my duty to share all my knowledge and experiences about this subject, because I myself got through it, and know that so many others are on the same journey right now.

Many of you know that I healed my own generalised anxiety disorder with holistic practices, and consider myself ‘healed’ today. That being said; I still feel anxious sometimes. The difference is that now a days I feel fear or anxiety around specific events/happenings in my life, which is totally normal and healthy. Not like before where I felt anxious 24/7, had random panic attacks and a constant inner turmoil.

Healing anxiety

The secret to healing anxiety holistically is to remember the meaning of the word holistic, which is whole. To make up a whole we need many different (some small, some large), bits and pieces. There wasn’t one thing alone that led me to feel healthy and calm again, it was the combination of many different things.

Now, whenever I feel anxious, I go through a mental list consisting of different tools that usually helps. I ask myself: “what is going to help in this moment?”. And the answer will vary. I follow my intuition and do what feels good to me at that given time.

My mental list:

This list is one that I’ve made myself, based on years of trying different things. This is my list, and your list will probably look somewhat different. You can try the things mentioned in my list, but be kind to yourself and understand that we’re all so incredibly unique and different; not everything is going to feel good to you.

(Calm app)

(Mostly stretching, with my chill playlist)

Whole plant foods
(smoothies, oats, greens and all the good stuff)

Less refined sugar
(such as candy, ice-cream, cookies…)

Less alcohol
(you can party without alcohol if you want to! promise.)

More me-time
(all alone, just me and my own space)

Sharing my thoughts
(with my coach or someone I trust)

Less nicotine
(for those of us who sometimes enjoys that)

More time in nature
(go for a walk, a run, a swim..)

(run, yoga, hit the gym – basically break a sweat)

(writing down my thoughts in a secret book)

Make a vision board
(to get a sense of where I want to go in life)

Write a gratitude list
(to see every little fabulous thing in my life much clearer)

Drink more water
(because water is grounding)

Cleanse my living space
(by burning sage)

Use flower essences / essential oils
(spray or diffuser)

Less caffeine
(coffee, chocolate, green/black tea)

Read a self help book
(here and here are some of my favs)

Be creative
(for me: blogging, writing, photographing, singing..)

Positive quotes / affirmations
(that I say over and over to myself)

More sleep
(zzz – we all need them)

(I am perfect just the way I am, I don’t need to be any different, neither do you.)

This is a long list – I know. But these are all little things that helped and still helps me in times of anxiety. Although its a list, I don’t mean that everything has to be checked of for me to feel amazing – its just a little list of things that usually helps. And for me, all these things in combination led me to a place of health again ?








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