My favourite natural deodorant 

Finding a natural, organic and vegan deodorant that does the job on all levels – that’s a mission. And it’s a mission I’ve been on for years.

I find that most of the natural deodorant’s out there have this intense scent of essential oils (which I just don’t really enjoy for my everyday deo), or they irritate my armpits, or they just don’t work at all. So it’s safe to say that I was beyond excited when I found one that met all my requirements.

I bought The One about a week ago, without doing any research on it at all. Faith In Nature is a brand I trust, so when I saw their deo in my local health shop I just grabbed it and took it home. My expectations wasn’t high at all – but boy did this one raise the bar.

This deodorant is gentle on my skin, doesn’t smell much at all, it’s easy to apply and it’s very affordable (compared to other organic ones). I also find that it’s enough for me to apply it once in the morning, and then again after my workouts, to keep me feeling fresh all day.

Many of the conventional deodorants out there, or all of them, have a lot of harmfull ingredients – and the skin on our armpits are very thin, so we absorb a lot of what is applied on it. For that reason I’m very careful about what kind of products I apply there.

If you’re looking for a natural deodorant I highly recommend Faith In Nature – Chamomile & Aloe Vera. I’ve also used Schmidt’s Naturals Geranium for sensitive skin, and it works perfectly, I’m just not too found of the scent anymore!


Anne-Line Erlandsen

Anne-Line Erlandsen, a 28 year old girl from Norway. I'm a certified holistic health coach studying marketing, and with this website I put my ass where my heart wants to be – in writing, self expression and creativity.