How I stay hydrated (with Eva Solo)

Bottle sponsored by Eva Solo 

There’s one thing I know I should do, but find really hard, and that is to keep myself hydrated. Although I know how good it makes me feel, and how easy it really is, plain water just ain’t that fun. And we’re all about the fun around here, am I right? Yes I am.

That’s why I’m so excited to show you my recent rescuing prince – the MyFlavour bottle from Eva Solo. The bottle is made of BPA free plastic (which is much better for our bodies), and comes with a stick of stainless steel to place all my favourite fruits and vegetables on. Mind. Blown. Not only does the stick help me get a beautiful instaworthy look on my water, but it also makes it so much easier to get the fruits and veggies out of the bottle when I want to empty it. 

I fill up my bottle with cold water, fresh fruits or berries right before I go to bed, leave it in the windowsill overnight (it’s like a fridge during the Norwegian winter) and drink it all up first thing in the morning. I’ve kind of made a vow to myself not to do anything until that bottle is empty. This is such an awesome addition to my morning routine, because the sight of this fresh looking bottle actually makes me crave the almighty H2o the second I wake up.

Here’s, to remind myself, why I want to stay hydrated:

Keep my energy levels up
We’re made up of just about 60% water, so, if we’re lacking, our body will be busy taking care of more
important things than challenging workouts and fun night with friends

Better skin
In addition to exercise, water is key to glowing skin for me

Smooth digestion
It helps flush waste from the intestines, and can help break down food as well

Help my body flush out toxins
Through sweat and urination

Clear mind
Since our brain is mostly water

To feel more grounded
Water comes from nature, and makes me feel more in tune with both myself and my surroundings

I aim to get in 2-3 of these bottles a day, as that equals about 2 litre of water which for me feels perfect.

You all know I’m all about the simplicity, so I’m a happy girl when I don’t have to make things too fancy smancy. Luckily for me, I don’t need more than a little lime sliced in pieces before my tastebuds are clapping. Add a few strawberries or kiwis in there, and I’m blown away. 

Up until April 22 you can get 20% off when you order the bottle on Just enter the discount code HOLISTICAL20, and you’re the proud owner of my recent lifesaver.  

Anne-Line Erlandsen

Anne-Line Erlandsen, a 28 year old girl from Norway. I'm a certified holistic health coach studying marketing, and with this website I put my ass where my heart wants to be – in writing, self expression and creativity.