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  • My makeup routine


    Hi pretty face!
    Over the past few years I’ve completely replaced all my makeup- and beauty products, and now make sure they’re all natural, organic and…

  • What to focus on this year


    Are you ready to make 2017 the best year yet?
    Here’s the key to start doing that, right now
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  • Homemade almond milk


    Almod milk is a wonderful replacer for cows milk, and is a perfect addition to things like smoothies, cereals and pastries.
    Homemade is always better…

  • LoveRaw smoothie bowl


    The perfect smoothie is thick and creamy, pored into a bowl, and topped off with absolutely everything my tastebuds are craving that day.
    Here’s one…

  • My hair-care routine


    Here’s what kind of products I use for my hair, both when showering and afterwards! It’s all natural, organic and cruelty free.
    Shampoo and conditioner…