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What’s currently on my lashes


You all know by now that I’m in love with everything natural, and what’s hidden in my makeup bag is no exception. It’s been a few years since I switched all my conventional makeup products with natural and organic ones – and I’ve tried a lot of different products since then.

Mascara is one of the beauty products I use almost on the daily, so I thought I’d share my new favourite with you.

I like my lashes natural looking, long and thin, but still defined. And that’s where Kjær Weis is doing a great job. It stays where it’s supposed to throughout the whole day, but it’s also easy to remove in the evening. For my everyday routine I do only one coat, but for nights out it’s easy to build up for a more drastic look.

It’s 99,8 % organic, and contains nourishing ingredients like castor- and jojoba seed oil. So not only does it make you look like a princess, it nourishes your lashes at the same time. Another thing I absolutely love about it is the fact that you can buy the whole mascara once, and then get a refill when it’s empty. Lovely for the environment, and amazing for my bank account.

I bought mine at, but I recon you can find it a lot of other places.

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