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Weekly plant based grocery list


A lot of people have actually asked me lately what I usually eat, and if its expensive or not. I don ’t go shopping once a week, because I find it a little heavy for one person to carry all that food, and I like buying the ingredients for what I crave every time I’m hungry. I eat very simple tho, and because of that there’s a lot of food I tend to buy over and over every single week. Here’s what I think a weekly grocery haul would look like for me right now:

14 bananas 1 bag of frozen raspberries (or your favourite) 1 bag of fresh spinach (1 coconut water / almond milk) 1 bag of muesli / oats 1 nut-butter 1 whole wheat bread 4 avocados 1 lime 1 hummus 1 crispy salad 1 bag frozen veggies 2 sweet potatoes 4 cans of beans/lentils A bag of champignon 2 big bell peppers 1 squash 2 onions 1 bag of wholegrain pasta 1 canned tomatoes 1 tomato pure

Eating plant based and healthy is not more expensive then eating meat and dairy. But just like you can choose between eating cheap or expensive animal-based foods, you can do the same with plants. I don’t mind spending my money on delicious food, but my regular food doesn’t really cost that much.

Also keep in mind that I don’t buy all these things every single week. Muesli, oats, nut-butters, bread, frozen things, pasta etc. usually lasts longer than a week.


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