Vegan Christmas dinner

7 days left to the big day!

I think Christmas this year is going to be amazing. I mean – it always is, but this one I’m really looking forward to for some reason. It might be because my sister and I have planned Monopoly and wine, or maybe because we’ll be more people than usual this year, or maybe because I’ve been introduced to vegisterkaker.

You know Sweden is known for their meatballs? Well, in Norway we have something way better called medisterkaker. Google suggests its pork patties in English? Anyways. They’ve been in our family for decades – and I used to love them so so much when I was growing up.

As well as being the best dinner we could ever hope for when visiting our grandparents, the patties has been a staple to our family’s Christmas dinner table since forever. Alongside ribbe, pinnekjøtt, sausages, potatoes, gravy, mashed root vegetables and sauerkraut, you’ll find these versatile little balls. If you’re not Norwegian I can tell you that this table consists of four different kinds of meat.

So ever since I started my love affair with the plant based cousin, I’ve had a rather limited amount of choices when it comes to the Christmas table. The past two years I’ve had a few store-bought veggie burger thingies on the side of my plate, and that’s that. Not complaining here, just trying to make you understand my immense gratitude when my dads girlfriend surprised me the other day.

She found a recipe for homemade vegan medisterkaker, got the ingredients and made them for me. And they were soooo so so so so damn good. The consistency is amazing, they smell like medisterkaker and I’m gonna go as far as saying that they actually taste like it as well!

I think this is the kindest thing anyone has done to me in a very long time. I just value it so much. It’s not so much the medisterkaker themselves, although they were life changing, but more the feeling of really been seen. On a whole new level. I’ve never expected anyone to take part, or show interest in, my way of eating, so when it happens it feels kind of unreal.

Anyways; if you’re interested in my new favourite dinner, you can find the recipe here. It’s in Norwegian, but it’s an easy recipe so I guess its just fine to translate!

Marry marry Christmas, xx

Anne-Line Erlandsen

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