Where I usually find my recipes

Every now and then someone confuse me with a recipe developer. And I get that. I mean, my whole Instagram feed is packed with food.

But here’s the truth; I’ve never come up with a real recipe in my whole entire life.

Sure, I can tell you how to make delicious mouth watering oatmeal, or how to compose a smoothie(bowl) that’ll tickle your unique tastebuds – or how to toast bread and put avocado on it. But honestly that’s as far as it goes.

Despite what it looks like on the gram I actually enjoy dinners, warm lunches and exciting recipes every now and then too – and I wanted to show you where I get the recipes from!


Deliciously Ella

Photos are stolen (with the best intentions) from her website.

She’s got everything I want. If I need to spice up my diet this is where I go 90% of the time. Her recipes are wholesome, plant based, mostly fast to make and always simple. Her chickpea and sweet potato stew is my favourite dinner in the whole wide world, and it’s been for years. Also, her hummus is pretty much life. And can we also please talk about her sweet potato brownies which I’ve never seen or tasted anything like before. Also, can’t forget her famous energy balls. And I made her whole Christmas meny a few years back. And I have her first recipe book. I mean. Let’s just say I’d grab her first if I were asked to come up with my dream football cooking team.



Kaja Andrine

Photos from her website & social medias

This is the one who got me hooked on no-date bliss balls, and we share a deep love for everything chocolaty. Safe to say I was beyond excited when she decided to put up a website and share her recipes with the world! I love her creamy tomato pasta and golden latte recipe – and can’t wait to try her freaking mouthwatering mexican sweet potato skins asap.




Photos from her website

Probably the most famous vegan recipe developer in Norway? And that’s the only downside with this one – it’s in Norwegian. Her website is packed full of plant based recipes of all kinds, and her recipe book is next level beautiful. She’s to blame for my magical Christmas this year, with both vegisterkaker and nut-steak. I’ve also tried some of her soups. Yum.


Other than stalking these beautiful girls, I usually just google “plant based – whatever I’m craving” and find a version that looks delicious. When I don’t know what I want on the other hand, that’s when I find inspo over at these 3 blogs.

Anne-Line Erlandsen

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