Two ladies who will totally change your life

There are two things in this world, that are the definite reasons to why I’m living a life I can’t wait to wake up to now a days. Those two things are personal coaching and self-help books. 
Engaging with a personal coach was what once gave me the love I so desperately needed and led me in the direction I was meant to go, while books are what keeps me growing and flourishing to this day.
Today I want to introduce you to my two favourite authors, which both keep changing my life for the better.


Gabrielle Bernstein

When I first started working with my coach I was struggling big time with anxiety and food and my body and relationships and anger and what not. And she kept saying, amongst other brilliant things, “…just put it out in the universe”. And I remember asking her  “… the universe? I don’t understand. What do you mean by that?” Then she went on to explain a concept that would turn out to totally change my life.
This is also when she introduced me to Gabrielle Bernstein. And more precisely her book May Cause Miracles. It’s a 40 day guide book which taught me about how the universe has got my back, that what I give out I get back, the power of my thoughts and emotions. I remember those 40 days as one of the most magical times in my life. I had so many epiphanies while reading it, and it changed my anxiety and everyday feeling of happiness enormously.
That was many years ago. And today she’s still one of my biggest inspirations. I follow her on instagram, I watch her live sendings, I still read her books, I refer to her quotes all the time.
Her work is based on the old book A Course In Miracles. She is such a bright light in this world, and her faith and ability to say things in a way that makes totally sense to me – it changes me for the better every single day.
Stalk her. Read her books. Do her 40 day guide book. Watch her videos on YouTube. Sign up for whatever she’s making and recommending. I promise you she will change your life, just like she continuously do for me.



Jen Sincero

A woman of gold and dynamite. I don’t know when I first stumbled upon her book You’re A Badass, but over the years I’ve read it several times. What I love about her is that she makes everything seem so simple. And she’s seriously funny. She always makes me laugh – both about myself, my flaws, my not so helpful thoughts, and the way we all unconsciously perceive life.
She started just like many people do – laughing at ‘self help book – readers’ and knowing for sure she’d never be one of them. Until she was the one writing them, that is.
She is all about the universal power. Aligning and working with the universe while you simultaneously change your mindset and go full speed in the direction of your dreams.
I haven’t seen her much besides from her books, but like I said – they keep inspiring me over and over.
About a week ago I received her second book in the mail, and now that I’m done reading it, I can definitely say that she’s responsible for a major shift that is currently happening in my life. I would not be so clear about my vision, and I would definitely not have the courage to go for it already if it wasn’t for her words.
Read her books. Now. Do not wait.


Who’s your biggest inspiration? I’m curious.

Anne-Line Erlandsen

Anne-Line Erlandsen. Holistic health coach currently based in Norway.


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    I do love gabrielle bernstein! One of my favourite is Melissa Ambrosini 😊

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      Anne-Line Erlandsen


      Ah yeeeees, I love Melissa too! <3