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Treating my face like a baby’s bum



Lately my face has suffered the role of the victim, amidst an internal war named stress. For two weeks straight I’ve juggled four different jobs, working night and day – a lot of overtime and some days several shifts a day. It has actually been a lot of fun, but the breakouts and dull-looking skin on my face proves that my body does not agree.

There are a few holistic things I do to keep my skin clear, and you can read about it in this blogpost. Today however, I simply wanted to show you my new moisturiser.

What sets this product apart from the other ones I have is that it’s made for cute little babies. What I discovered after I started working in a health shop, is that baby products generally contain less ingredients than products for adults do. Baby-skin is way more fragile, but I’m over here waving my hands in the air to get the benefits myself! I don’t believe in a concoction of a million different things in my skin care products – I want the simple things too. Please and thank you.



It contains beautiful ingredients like
Sesame seed oil
Almond oil
Different essential oils

The only ingredient on the list, that I did’nt know what was
 is glyceryl stearate SE, but it turns out to be something made up of different vegetable oils. I’m okay with that.

This moisturiser leaves my skin feeling so soft. I put on a decent amount before I went to bed yesterday, and woke up with a soft baby bum face this morning. I love the feel of it, and I’m so happy I decided to throw my money in that direction. Btw; it’s pretty cheap as well! Only 99,- nok at the store I work in (Life).

This product is not vegan, as it contains beeswax and wool wax.


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