Notes from former clients

I am forever grateful for ever getting the opportunity to get to know Anne-Line and have her as my coach. She has helped me transform my thoughts, beliefs and overall mindset from a state of fear into a state of love. She has listened, guided and inspired me to live more in tune with my mind, body and soul – all the way believing and supporting me in the choices and changes I have had to make along the way. It has been such a challenging, yet fun and educational experience, and I have learned so much that I will keep close to my heart when I continue my journey toward a healthier and happier life. Thank you!
– Girl, 22 
The past six months working with Anne-Line
has been a challenging but also exciting time, where there’s been a lot of changes in my life. She’s helped me see myself in a new light, which has left me so much more self confident. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a very difficult relationship with food and my body. The fact that I can now enjoy my meals without thinking about how much I can, or can’t eat, is something I never thought would happen. It’s turned my life around, and made it possible for me to enjoy my life just the way I want to. Thank you!
– Girl, 22 
 I’m incredibly grateful for the past three months, and all the help and support I have received from Anne-Line. Her coaching has helped me see everyday life and the challenges it brings in a completely different way! I feel more happy, grateful, calm and conscious of how and why I handle things the way I do.
I now find it easier to face challenges or negative thoughts when they arise.
– Girl, 17
Within the time of our sessions, I was successfully directed to a path that led me to bettering my lifestyle. From self love to healthy eating, Anne-Line was able to help me in a desperate time and need. Thank you so much!
– Girl, 23
Contacting Anne-Line is the best thing I’ve done for myself.
She has given me the opportunity to be my own best friend and love every part of
me, without physically changing anything.
I have a smile on my face every single day and really looking forward to everything life has to offer.
Thank you so much for the good conversations Anne-Line!
– Girl, 22
. . .