Good morning to me ♥︎ and you.

It feels like spring in my heart these days. Although my surroundings tells me a little different. There’s still tons of snow, but we’ve had some really sunny days this week. And hey, last week we experienced 6 degrees celsius! Haven’t seen it cross over to the plus side of things for months. Excited. Might also feel like spring since I just entered my ovulatory phase. The phase of internal summer.

Okey, enough of the nerdy grandma stuff already.

I’m working part time in a health store these days, and a few weeks back, when I got to work, I was greeted with Weleda’s new babies! I’ve had my heart set on the original Skin Food moisturiser for the longest time – and now the family of Skin Food has evolved. Let me just say: they know what they’re doing.

This morning I felt the urge to talk you through my current favourites from the line, as they’re simply outstanding. First of all: Weleda is an all natural brand with some vegan products as well. However the Skin Food line is not vegan, as there’s beeswax in the products.


This moisturiser has a really thick consistency and is originally ment to be applied on super dry patches. However, I was introduced to it through Annikens blog, as a perfect base for makeup. I have to agree. For some people it might be a little too dense and trigger breakouts over time. But for me, who has normal to dry skin (especially during winter), this works wonders. It plumpes the skin, makes the foundation easy to work in, and leaves me looking glowing and healthy throughout the whole day.


This one has stepped in as a replacement for my babybom moisturiser. Its lighter (hence the name – duh-uh) than the original one, and I can see it becoming my summer-essential. During the Norwegian summer my skin is pretty soft naturally, and only needs a tiny dose of moisture from the outside. That being said – this concoction is great for winter too. It’s super moisturising – just like every product in this line. Right now I apply it mostly around my eye area, and a little bit on my neck – the places I want to be more careful while applying, since the original one can be a little hard, physically, to work in.


This, my friend, is my new obsession. I’ve been looking for a lip balm that truly works for the longest time – now I consider the mission complete. I’ve never had the pleasure of such soft lips ever before, and can’t see myself replacing this.. ever?! My favourite way to use it is as a night mask. It’s to be found on my night stand at all times, and it’s the last thing I pick up before I drift of to sleep. This way it nourishes and moisturise my lips throughout the whole night, and I wake up with the biggest smile and no cracky lips. Both me and my colleague is in awe.

The last member of the line is a body butter. I’ve never been a fan of butters like that, as I prefer my body lotions to be just that – lotions. But my colleague loves it, so if you’re into butters – give it a huge go.

To end it off I just have to say that this is in no way sponsored. Since I work in this shop I do get a discount on the products, but I would totally buy them even if I had to pay the whole price. In my humble opinion they’re not that expansive anyways.

Anne-Line Erlandsen

Anne-Line Erlandsen, a 28 year old girl from Norway. I'm a certified holistic health coach studying marketing, and with this website I put my ass where my heart wants to be – in writing, self expression and creativity.