Natural Beauty

4 natural makeup brands I trust


Today, my little dolls, I thought I’d introduce you to some makeup brands I truly trust. They are all both organic and vegan.

Organic because I want to avoid the harmful ingredients you’ll often find in conventional products. You’ve heard it before; our skin is our bodies largest organ – and it absorbs a lot of what we apply to it. Organic products also tend to contain a lot of ingredients from nature, which is beneficial for our health and wellbeing – and I want more of those!

Vegan because animals are beautiful, cute, living beings that in my opinion deserve a life in happiness and peace – just like you and me. There’s absolutely no need to test products on animals (which really really hurts them), and there’s no need to put their flesh, bones and by-products into makeup in order for it to work wonderfully.

I opt to choose organic and vegan in every area of my life, but I don’t always find that easy – except from makeup and beauty products. Reason being that beauty products you only really have to research and purchase a few times a year, while with food for example you have to make a choice several times a day.

I want to make it easier for you to make sustainable and healthy choices with makeup yourself, so I’m going to introduce you to four brands that exclusively produce organic and vegan products.



This brand is Australian, fully organic and vegan. I would say this is more on the luxurious side as it is quiet expensive and looks absolutely beautiful.

I’ve fallen in love with their bb-cream and primer – and apply it everyday for glowing skin. I’ve also heard great things about their bronzer.

100% PURE

A US owned brand, which is also fully organic and vegan. When I think about them, I think about fruit – as they get most of their colour pigments from that which happen to be my favourite food-group.

I’ve become addicted to their bronzer, and their lipsticks are so soft and well pigmented. The only thing I’ve tried that I didn’t fancy is their mascara – it’s a little too runny for my liking.


A French brand, which again is fully organic and vegan. They are also awesome because they have bamboo packaging on most of their products (good for the environment!), and they offer refill on all their products. A to the wesome.

I love their eyeshadows and wear them every time I do a full face of makeup. I’ve also been drooling over their fluid foundation for a while, and will definitely try that one out when I run out of my current one.



This is a brand I discovered yesterday, actually – and it made me so happy! Fully organic and vegan, from the US. I’ve never tried any of their products myself, but they look like high quality, well made products that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

I’ve been crushing on their bronzer, concealer, foundation sticks and brow pencil.



Do you know any great brands I should check out? 😘



Natural Beauty

My favourite natural deodorant 


Finding a natural, organic and vegan deodorant that does the job on all levels – that’s a mission. And it’s a mission I’ve been on for years.

I find that most of the natural deodorant’s out there have this intense scent of essential oils (which I just don’t really enjoy for my everyday deo), or they irritate my armpits, or they just don’t work at all. So it’s safe to say that I was beyond excited when I found one that met all my requirements.

I bought The One about a week ago, without doing any research on it at all. Faith In Nature is a brand I trust, so when I saw their deo in my local health shop I just grabbed it and took it home. My expectations wasn’t high at all – but boy did this one raise the bar.

This deodorant is gentle on my skin, doesn’t smell much at all, it’s easy to apply and it’s very affordable (compared to other organic ones). I also find that it’s enough for me to apply it once in the morning, and then again after my workouts, to keep me feeling fresh all day.

Many of the conventional deodorants out there, or all of them, have a lot of harmfull ingredients – and the skin on our armpits are very thin, so we absorb a lot of what is applied on it. For that reason I’m very careful about what kind of products I apply there.

If you’re looking for a natural deodorant I highly recommend Faith In Nature – Chamomile & Aloe Vera. I’ve also used Schmidt’s Naturals Geranium for sensitive skin, and it works perfectly, I’m just not too found of the scent anymore!



3 natural ways to fall asleep faster 


A while ago I had real issues with sleep. Once I fell asleep I was all fine, but the art of falling asleep was something I just couldn’t master. Now, on the other hand, I’ve found three things that makes me fall asleep the second I decide to do so.

Massage my feet

When I studied natural medicine I got a crash course in reflexology which I found super interesting. The theory is that the soul (the underside of the foot) reflects our whole body – it’s packed with different zones that are believed to corresponded to specific areas of the body. You can see it visually here. By putting pressure on these areas you can heal everything from headaches, bad digestion, stress etc.

Right before I go to sleep I grab my coconut oil and start massaging my feet. It feels amazing and it’s so calming to me. I don’t massage any specific areas – I just rub my whole foot and focus on the areas that feels a little uncomfortable. This just takes me about 2 minutes, but really works wonders.

I imagine blending in some sleep supporting essential oils would be beneficial as well. I would love to try adding lavender, frankincense, vetiver or roman chamomile!


Yoga Nidra

I’ve written about this before (here), and I’m still a huge fan.

Yoga nidra is something I do after my foot massage at times when I feel like my body is very tense, or I have way to many thoughts flying around up there. I lay in bed, put on this podcast and follow the instructions.

It’s very calming for both body and mind – I sometimes fall asleep while I’m listening to it.

Inhale exhale

This is something I do every single day, no exception.

What tends to keep me up at night is my thoughts. It can be worries, but just as often happiness. I can’t seem to stop thinking about all the fun things I’m looking forward to, or everything I have to be grateful for. And I mean, that’s a good thing, but not very sleep provoking!

What I do is that I find a comfortable position to fall asleep in, and start breathing (since I don’t normally breathe throughout the day…) When I inhale I say in my mind “inhale”. When I exhale I say in my mind “exhale”. And I fall asleep instantly. It always works! (knock on wood.) But if your thoughts start flying again, just go back to the breath. Again and again and again until you fall asleep.


Additional things: 

Other than these three tings I’ve made an habit of:

  • not drinking too much water before bed
  • going to bed and waking up at the same time every day (23:00 – 07:30)
  • making sure my bedroom is cold and comfortable
  • making sure my bedsheets aren’t itchy
  • and not having coffee after 2 pm in the day



Good night, babe 🌙

Holistic Mindset

Favourite iBooks for self growth


The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield

I was introduced to this book by a friend last year, when I was back from Bali and ready to get things going in my career. It’s about how every one of us have one or more things we want to do in life, but most of us just don’t do it.

He describes a type of energy that he calls “resistance”. When we’re about to do something that is really important for our souls evolution (something that means a lot to us), things tend to come in the way. Without being aware of it we come up with “more important things” or we feel like we don’t have the time, energy, skills or confidence to do what we need to do.

“Fear is good. Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us what we have to do.”

Resistance is in all of us, and this book is about how to move past it. Every single day. And by that achieving whatever we want to achieve.

I swallowed this one whole back then, and it really changed the way I look at work and my dreams & desires. If you’re ready to do what you came to this earth to do, this one is for you.

Read more about it here.


You’re A Badass by Jen Sincero

Ah, where to begin. When I was in Bali I found this book in the villa I was staying in, and during a little breakdown this book really saved me. I had read it prior to my trip as well, and I’ve read it many times since. The messages are powerful and something I need to be reminded of every now and then. It’s just everything you need to get that good vibe going.

Jen Sincero is funny. She’s wise, but she puts it out there in a way that is easy for everyone to digest. If you’re feeling a little lost in life, you’re ready to live a truly exciting and fulfilling life, or if you’re just about to tip your toe into the holistic, spiritual world – then this is perfect.

She talks about how to get over your bullshit already and kick some ass, while she also explains why you’re not doing just that right now – aka how you got this way.

“There will never be anyone exactly like you, so you’re kind of a big deal”

This one is so so so inspiring, and now that I’m writing about it I feel like a want to read it one more time.

Read more about it here.


Making Life Easy by Christiane Northrup

Christiane Northrup is a medical doctor who’s known for her work with women. She’s super inspiring as she really gets the connection between western medicine, holistic health and spirituality. She connects them all and are full of facts and insight.

Making Life Easy is the only audio book I have on iBooks, and I’m frequently listening to it before I go to sleep at night. In 12 chapters she goes into depth on how to make life flow and have a good time here on earth.

She talks about letting go of blame and guilt, and embracing vulnerability. How everyone can communicate with the Divine and how to understand the Universe’s messages. She also talks about food – how eating well will enhance your life. And a little chapter about the importance of having good people around you and creating a supportive community.

She has a magical feel about her, and although she’s only 68 years old I kind of feel like she’s my additional wise grandma. (Grandma’s are my fav.)

You can read more about it here.


Now tell me, what’s your favourite self growth book? 💛


Win one of my favourite books!


Hi there beautiful living creature 💛

A few weeks ago I found myself laying on the floor eating raw brownies, when I jumped over to instagram to find that I had the 10k number on my very own account

While I’m not here for the numbers, I did get very excited, because it means that I reach more and more people with a message I think is very important. I see you all as friends rather than “followers”, and I’m so grateful for you that I don’t even know where to begin.

What I love the most is all the messages and lovely conversations we have, all the love I find in the comment section, and how my own struggles and win’s is received with so much unconditional love and support. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’ve been looking for a way to give back to you for a while now, and the way I decided to do it this time unfolded in a very synchronistic way.

I’ve been obsessing with Michael A. Singer for a while now. Swallowing both The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment whole. So much so I wasn’t completely satisfied reading them on iBooks – I wanted them in paperbacks as well. So I ordered one copy of both, but what happened is that I got both those books + an additional one of The Surrender Experiment!

This was right at the time where I was looking for something to give to you – and I knew that this was it. I truly believe that whoever wins this giveaway is supposed to have this book.

Books are, in my opinion, one of the biggest and greatest gifts you can receive. Because when you’re finished reading you’re in some way a different person. Books changes us, no matter if it’s fiction, literature or a self help book.

I am giving away this book on my Instagram page here – and you can attend up until March 5th.

The book is about Michael Singer’s life, and how by surrendering to life he ended up accomplishing amazing things. For example starting a billion-dollar public company and a thriving spiritual community on over six hundred acres of pristine forest and meadows in Florida.

It changed my life in many ways, and I hope it will change yours too.

Healthy Food

Perfect matcha latte on the first try


My first time making matcha latte was a success!

Writing the previous sentence is something I thought I’d never get to do. Purchasing my first supply of matcha powder was supposed to be my first step on a long and challenging matcha journey. The world wide web is filled with bloggers saying their first try was a failure, and that it took them a long time to master the skill. I was frightened.

But I womaned up and decided to go for it. Because I’ve had matcha latte magic at cafes before (hint hint Oslo Raw in Oslo makes a bomb one), and the thought of having this vibrant frothy drink on my working desk in the morning, every single day, was tempting – to say the least.

But this is where I have to confess… I’ve cheated. Or just done what I always do; kept things simple and quick. I bought a matcha latte mix. Not just matcha powder. So all I had to do was add warm milk (I was lucky with this one as well, because Kaja taught me to use this one which probably made all the difference).

So if you’re a homemade-matcha-latte-virgin, and you want to make it perfect the first time around; get this mix from super nature and this iKaffe milk from Oatly.

I will be trying to make it all from scratch once this package is empty, but for now I’m so pleased with my green magic being just this <3 I made it for the first time just a few hours ago, and now I’m enjoying my second cup.. hehe.

Ps none of this is sponsored in any way! Although I wish it was. 


Why crystals can be healing 


When I first dipped my toe into the pool of alternative medicine in 2014, I stumbled upon a lot of different things. Many of them way too crazy for my Scandinavian brain to even accept the existence of.

One of these were crystals.

It was just way out of my comfort zone to think that shiny rocks could be anything more than pleasing to the eye. So I left them alone where I thought they belonged – with the sage, chanting and crazy tarot cards.

Fast forward 4 years and I’m doing my dad a huge favour saging his apartment for shitty energy (while he’s laughing), chanting away in my room, friend crushing on my go-to tarot reader, and just received my first three crystals in the mail.

It is safe to say my mindset and understanding of the universe has changed a whole lot over the course of 4 years.

I now understand that the whole universe is made up of energy – just in different forms. I am energy, you are energy, music is energy, the chair you’re sitting on is energy and even the glittery rocks in my hand is energy.

Our whole body, including bones, flesh, skin and blood are just energy that shows up in different patterns and densities. The same with our emotions and thoughts – they are energy in their unique density. Our flesh and blood, and the furniture we’re sitting on, are a kind of energy that we can see and touch. While our thoughts and emotions, and the music we’re listening to, are a kind of energy that can’t be seen by the human eye. That being said; all energy is connected. 

Not only are things energy, they also radiate energy. Have you met a new person and gotten a bad feeling? That’s because this person is radiating a type of energy that doesn’t sit well with your own energy. Maybe you’ve also walked into a house and suddenly felt this calming sensation? That’s probably the house radiating energy that sits very well with you.

When we understand that concept, we understand that crystals are alive like everything else in the universe. They are energy and radiate energy that interacts with any other energy field near it.

When it comes to using crystals for healing, it’s based on the theory that when all energy in our body is balanced, we experience health.

The way crystals are made, in the earths crust over million of years, makes them objects with the most energy – and they’re also known to be the most stable form of matter in the universe. It works with our own energy, being able to defuse, absorb, move or shift energy within the body. It works on emotional, mental and physical stress. When we come in contact with a crystal, its energy interacts with the vibration of the cells in our bodies.

Working with crystals makes our body find its natural rhythm.

I got my first three crystals in the mail just recently, all clear quarts, so I don’t have a lot of experience with crystals myself yet. But I’m so attracted to them and I’m sure this isn’t going to be the last time you see me talking about them.

I bought mine at Marits Krytaller (for Norway only I think)


Do you hate successful people?


I was looking through Sarah Day’s YouTube channel the other day, and I was like; gosh there’s so many cheery sparkly pink fucking happy videos here… ah YES there is one sad heartbreaking one I KNEW she wasn’t that happy I’m definitely gonna watch that one. 

Well hello there missy (myself that is) – wake up. 


Wanting to see other peoples imperfections is one thing –  that’s a natural result of hanging around social medias seeing perfect lives everywhere for a long time. But consciously looking for proof that someone isn’t as good as they seem, or down right just hating happy people – that’s another thing.

This is a thought-pattern I’ve worked on changing before, and one I actually thought I had let go of ages ago; hating on other peoples success out of fear of my own.

Cause that’s what the majority of us are taught to do by society. We are programmed to be afraid of successful people (success being people who are happy, have a good career, have an amazing relationship, are fit and healthy, people who love themselves or just have something that you want), because their success means less success for us. But that’s not how it works. Hating on other people does one thing, and one thing only: create bad vibes. First of all it creates bad vibes inside of the one being jealous (/afraid), and second of all bad vibes for everyone getting in contact with the fearful one when they’re expressing their thoughts.

This goes with all negative talk. If you talk or think shit about others it means you’re not too fan of yourself. You want to drag others down with you, instead of them being all threatening up there where you think you can’t reach. Talking or thinking shit about other peoples success means you’re afraid you can’t get success yourself, or that their success in some way is harming you. And this might not be what you’re thinking in your conscious mind, but it is the whole process going on behind it.

Cause if you loved the absolute shit out of yourself, why would you be bothered about what other people are doing, creating or expressing? If you were following your dreams and focused on reaching your own exciting goals, why would you hate on other people who are doing the same? You wouldn’t! You would be happy about seeing other people succeed, because it shows you that success is possible.

Living at home, in the city I spent my teenage years in, with near to no close friends in the area, has definitely brought its challenges for me. I lost my sense of purpose and slipped back to a lot of old ways of thinking and acting. But this is how life is. No matter how ‘enlightened’ you are, or how much you think you’ve figured yourself out – life is going to happen. Things will change. And new situations will require new tools and ways of thinking.

Here’s my two best tips for getting out of the “I hate successful people” trap:

1. Consciously seek out successful people
, stalk them, bathe in their good vibes, complement them, talk nicely about them to everyone you meet and spread their successful work wherever you can. (You will feel resistance towards these things at first – but it’ll soon become second nature because it seriously feels so good and freeing.)

2. Start taking care of yourself. On every level. Exercise, eat healthy (drink a smoothie), get dressed, smell good, have good conversations in your mind, have fun and follow YOUR dreams so that you feel like you’re on your right path too.


Now I’ve had a long shower, dried brushed my whole body, shaved my legs (although it’s winter!!), drowned my hair in coconut oil, put on self tan (again: winter), had the best hummus and avocado toast, meditated with my dear beloved crystals, had a bottle of water and watched just about every single one of Sarahs videos – except the sad one. And I feel a million times better. And Sarah is the cutest person I’ve ever stalked – no wonder my ego wanted to hate on her.

Lets spread the love. And if this is you – forgive yourself. Don’t judge yourself for being a shitty person. We all try to do the best that we can at all times. Only when you know better you can do better. So – forgive yourself, and then work on it.




Healthy Food

Where I usually find my recipes


Every now and then someone confuse me with a recipe developer. And I get that. I mean, my whole Instagram feed is packed with food.

But here’s the truth; I’ve never come up with a real recipe in my whole entire life.

Sure, I can tell you how to make delicious mouth watering oatmeal, or how to compose a smoothie(bowl) that’ll tickle your unique tastebuds – or how to toast bread and put avocado on it. But honestly that’s as far as it goes.

Despite what it looks like on the gram I actually enjoy dinners, warm lunches and exciting recipes every now and then too – and I wanted to show you where I get the recipes from!


Deliciously Ella

Photos are stolen (with the best intentions) from her website.

She’s got everything I want. If I need to spice up my diet this is where I go 90% of the time. Her recipes are wholesome, plant based, mostly fast to make and always simple. Her chickpea and sweet potato stew is my favourite dinner in the whole wide world, and it’s been for years. Also, her hummus is pretty much life. And can we also please talk about her sweet potato brownies which I’ve never seen or tasted anything like before. Also, can’t forget her famous energy balls. And I made her whole Christmas meny a few years back. And I have her first recipe book. I mean. Let’s just say I’d grab her first if I were asked to come up with my dream football cooking team.



Kaja Andrine

Photos from her website & social medias

This is the one who got me hooked on no-date bliss balls, and we share a deep love for everything chocolaty. Safe to say I was beyond excited when she decided to put up a website and share her recipes with the world! I love her creamy tomato pasta and golden latte recipe – and can’t wait to try her freaking mouthwatering mexican sweet potato skins asap.




Photos from her website

Probably the most famous vegan recipe developer in Norway? And that’s the only downside with this one – it’s in Norwegian. Her website is packed full of plant based recipes of all kinds, and her recipe book is next level beautiful. She’s to blame for my magical Christmas this year, with both vegisterkaker and nut-steak. I’ve also tried some of her soups. Yum.


Other than stalking these beautiful girls, I usually just google “plant based – whatever I’m craving” and find a version that looks delicious. When I don’t know what I want on the other hand, that’s when I find inspo over at these 3 blogs.


Having a bad day


Vulnerability. Autenticity.

We are born with emotions. A part of being a human is to have emotions. So why do so many of us fear them, hide them from others, and push them away when they’re not screaming happiness and confidence?

It’s almost as if we think having negative emotions are shameful or wrong. But how can it be wrong to express and embody something that, indisputably, are a part of us from natures side?

I believe everything is possible – so therefor I believe there are people out there who are calm and happy all the time. Who rarely shreds a tear or feel like blowing up in anger. Then I know that there are plenty of people like me, quite the opposite, who feels all the spectres of emotions so strongly it gets overwhelming at times.

I have always been like a sponge – absorbing energy and emotions around me without even being aware of it. Adopting them and making them my own. And I’m born with a vivid imagination and empathy that makes it easy for me to come up with stories in my mind, and by that feeling the emotions I imagine they’re holding. I feel immense happiness and I feel what seems like bottomless grief. I’m full of emotions.

It used to be a lot more of a roller coaster before. When I got into the holistic way of living and worked on my mindset it got easier for me to stay calm and not care so much.

My question though, is, why does it seem like the mission is to eliminate every so called ‘negative’ emotion from our life experience?

Well, I’m here to tell you that I don’t think it is. Life is a mystery, and I love this quote:

So – cheers to anger. To sadness, grief and frustration. Which indisputably is a part of experiencing life on earth. Cheers to all the lessons they bring, and all the contrast and light they give to the blue sky sunny days.

Hang in there – cause after the rain there’s always a rainbow and you know I could go on and on with my cheesy quotes cause that’s what I’m made of.

Holistic Mindset Videos

Why diets don’t work



Today I’m talking about why diets don’t work – in my opinion.

As you can probably tell by watching this video I’m super passionate about this topic, because I believe the way we are told to loose weight and get healthy now a days wreaks havoc on our bodies. Both mentally, physically and spiritually.

There’s a healthy and sustainable way to loose weight and stay there – so please let’s just turn this around together ❤︎

You can subscribe to my Youtube channel here.


Meditation to change our subconscious mind


Hi beautiful,

How’s your new year going? Have you set your intentions for the upcoming 12 months, energised and excited to reach some goals? I have no resolutions this year, but there’s still a lot of things I would love to accomplish.


Besides working hard and staying focused, there’s another equally as powerful thing we can do to get where we want to be – and that is reprogramming our subconscious mind.


We are working with two different parts of the brain in our everyday life. One of them is the “conscious mind” and the other one is the “subconscious mind”. The conscious mind is the one we use when we are present and focused on the tasks we are doing. For example when we’re learning something, following a new recipe, or are focused on behaving in the best way possible.

The subconscious mind is where all our automatic behaviour comes from. It’s the part of the brain we use when we’re doing things on default, the things we don’t have to think about, that just happens by itself. Things like walking and breathing, but also driving a car and doing our makeup. It’s where we do things out of habit, and we use it 95% of the time!

The thing with the subconscious is that most of the information stored there is learned when we were still a fetus, up until we’re about 6 years old. We pick it up from our parents, closest family and our community. We watch what other people do, and it becomes our way of doing it.


When you’re a child you have no idea what’s right or wrong. You believe everything you’re told and everything you see.


In the subconscious is also where our beliefs are stored – which is often what we take actions based on. Some of the beliefs are positive, while many of them are negative and can lead to self sabotage when we’re trying to change ourselves or reach new goals. Some of the limiting beliefs that are often stored in the subconscious are things like “I’m not good enough”, “there’s not enough money to go around”, “the world is a cruel place”, “people can’t be trusted”, “loosing weight is hard”, “I’m not easy to love”, “nothing comes easy to me” etc.

It doesn’t have to be things that our parents sat us down and told us, but rather things that we’ve heard them say over and over again, or picked up from the way the people closest to us behave in their everyday life.

So, this 24 year old girl is actually making a lot of decisions based on what her not at all critical 1-6 year old self learned.


This article would be a mile long if I was going to go down in detail on this, but what I wanted to tell you today is that meditation is one of the ways we can change our subconscious. Cause changing the things we do automatically is the most powerful way to change our lives.

The subconscious learns by repetition. So another way to change it is to consciously make a new habit. The easies, though, is to use hypnosis or meditation to stop thinking, and thereby get the desired information right into the subconscious.


If you want to learn more about this, and even the science behind it – check out Bruce Lipton and his work. This is a really good lecture by him, where he explains the basics. I will also write a lot more about it in the future, as it really is the foundation of my work.

The video under is my favourite guided meditation when it comes to this. I can tell that it works because it’s almost half an hour long, but it feels like 5 minutes. It’s not because I’m falling a sleep, but because I fall into a hypnosis kind of state where it feels like time just flies by.

The first part is designed to make you relaxed, and get you into the desired state of mind. Then it gives you positive affirmations and statements to replace the not so favourable ones you have stored already.

When all our actions are automatically made on the belief that we are worthy of the best things out there, that the earth is a loving place, that we are powerful and healthy – our goals will be reached so much easier.

Do it every night before sleep, and I bet you’ll soon see yourself changing.

Let me know what you think! xx


Studying at IIN – Answers  


Before I started working as a holistic health coach, I studied at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). It’s just about 1 year since I graduated today, and I’ve gotten loads of questions about the school since then. So I thought – why not write a little bit about it.

IIN is an online school, where you study for 12 months to become a integrative nutrition health coach. The course is divided into modules, which each are 1 week long. One module has to be finished before you can jump over to the next one. At the end of each module there’s a quiz and a forum to chat with other students. Then there’s 4 online exams, one every quarter.

What I think is really cool is that every single IIN graduate is so different. We have the same curriculum – but we take what we want from it, mix it with our own personality and experience, and end up very unique. About 1/3 of the curriculum is coaching based I’d say – teaching you how to do one-on-one coaching. But several graduates ends up doing something else. Some of them develop a rawfood brand, start a restaurant, work with kids in school or collect all the information just to use it for their own health – just to mention a few other things. Every one-on-one coach is also very different.

Before starting the school I signed up for a program with another beautiful health coach from IIN – and although I learned a lot from her, our style of coaching is very different. I also have a friend who just graduated, and when she talks about coaching it seems like she’d go for other clients than I currently do. She would probably coach more about food and transitioning to a plant based diet, while I talk very little about that and more about mindset-shifts.


Would you say the level of knowledge is sufficient?
This kind of coaching is based on the theory that you as a client already know what you need to do to be healthier and happier. It’s about the importance of sharing what’s going on in your mind with someone (the coach), discovering your inner voice, start trusting it, and go for it. It’s about having someone to hold you accountable when making lasting changes in your life. A coach will never give you a diet or regime to follow – because we’re taught that “one persons food is another persons poison”, and the same with exercise and everything else. Everyone is different, it’s about finding your right way. That being said we do learn over 100 different diets – and it’s up to you as a student how deep you want to dive into each of them.

I definitely found the knowledge I got from IIN sufficient to start coaching. It’s very simple – you just need to have a basic understanding of health, food etc. and genuinely care for people. Then you have to trust your intuition as a coach.

How much time did you spend studying a week?
I spent about 8 hours a week, but keep in mind I took a lot of notes. Like, a lot. The course can, in my opinion, be done beside a full time job. The curriculum is also super interesting, so I didn’t mind spending my weekends studying. (There’s a lot of cool people guesting their lectures! Such as Gabby Bernstein, David Wolfe etc.)

Do any europeans do the program?
YES. People from all over the world are doing the program. Not many people in Norway though! I think I’m the first one my age who’s coaching (and then I found 2 women in their 30-40’s online).

Do you think they go enough in depth with the topic of each diet and different techniques?
Both yes and no. It’s over 100 diets – it wouldn’t be possible, neither interesting, to go in depth on all of them. The great thing tho, is that they always give you extra material that you can read if you want to learn more than you’re asked to. They also go in depth on what’s considered the most important ones! The goal is not to end up as an expert of every single diet out there – but you do indeed get a good overview so that you know what your clients are talking about if they bring up a diet or a kind of holistic technique.

Any worries about becoming a health coach in Norway?
I’ve never worried about it, because I know that this is what I want to do (and I believe you can do whatever you set your mind to). But I mean, since very few people in Norway knows what a health coach is, it can be hard to market and find clients. I didn’t see that as a problem at all though – just a fun challenge. I also do online coaching, so I can have clients from all over the world. Honestly I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

When did you start getting clients?
The same month I graduated! Some people start coaching while studying, but that wasn’t something I wanted to do.

Can one make a living out of health coaching – have it as your only income?
Yes! Of course! The beautiful thing about having your own company (which many people will have to go for I assume) is that you decide on the prices and amount of clients. You can also do group coaching – which gives you a higher hourly wage.

What do you think about their pushy advertisement?
Hahaha, America ❤︎ That’s all I have to say really. They would never get away with this kind of advertisement in Norway – but I just ignored it and trusted what other people said about the good value they got from the course.


Please let me know if you have any questions – I’ll keep updating this article! 


Adenomyosis – 4th update


Hi hello – it’s little miss Uterus speaking.

Long time no see, cause I’ve been behaving real good since the last time we spoke. Up until now that is. 👶🏽 This is going to be a long post cause I have a lot of wisdom to share with you today. I thought of breaking it into two posts – but I mean, if you’re really interested in this crazy bloody life of mine you’ll read it all despite the length.


So if you’ve found interest in my Adenomyosis journey you probably remember how happy I was in Bali (you can watch the video here) – when I woke up to realise I’d gotten my period without even knowing. I had a period with absolutely no pain. I was shocked, I was surprised, I was in Uterus Heaven.

Then I got home from Bali and my periods started getting more and more painful again. I’d have one pain-free period here and there, but seen as a whole it got worse and worse over the months of being back in Norway.

Today is Monday 11th of December, and this weekend I had the worst period I’ve ever had. Saturday brought immense pain in what felt like my whole body. I couldn’t lay down – I had to walk around the house trying to breathe, when suddenly I threw up. That’s when I begged my mom to run around the neighbourhood asking for painkillers. Have in mind that I never take painkillers. Not because I’m too cool, but because I don’t want to numb the signals my body is sending me, and actually get to the root cause. Well, this time I had no choice. I took a pill and slowly fell asleep, dreaming of Mc Donalds sending out stuffed sweet-potatoes with guacamole. That’s how exhausted I was.

I wanted to mention this because it brought me two very valuable lessons. (I’m an analyser – and my favourite thing to analyse is myself).

1. A fish is only as healthy as the water it swims in. 

I am the fish here. If a fish is swimming around in dirty toxic water – you can be sure that fish will die. If I run around in shitty water – you can be sure I’ll die too. And the water I’m talking about here consists of many parts. It’s the oxygen we breathe in, it’s the thoughts we’re feeding ourselves, it’s the food we consume, the water we drink, the sun-rays we catch and the energies we surround ourselves with (aka people). 

I knew all of this already, but it just came to show it’s seriousness once again. I am going to be the first one to admit that I’ve been cheating on all of the above lately – not taking it as seriously as I should.

2. Self sabotage is a thing. 

In, and right after, Bali I came to a place where everything was perfect. Seriously nothing needed stitches. I was happy and healthy. It should have been easy to keep that flow of good vibes, but the fact that I was healthy made me loose my identity – and without knowing it, loosing my identity freaked me out. Let me explain.

I got generalised anxiety disorder in 2014, and long before that I started struggling with a fucked up relationship with food and my body. My mission since then has been to fix myself and become healthy again. I chose my diet based on healing these things, I chose my education because of it, I found my hobbies and my career because of it. Everything I did, seriously my whole life, was based on the mission of getting healthy again. So when I actually succeeded, and I was 100% healthy, I was like “now what?”

My whole career, hobbies, diet, life as I knew it, was built on recovering from some disease. I wasn’t ready to be healthy, I didn’t know how to live my designed life as a healthy person. And then Adenomyosis came along. It’s crazy to say – but I was kind of relieved. Finally theres something I can fix again.

And then when I’d “fixed” my Adenomyosis and the menstrual pain was gone, I had the same breakdown – without knowing it at the time of course. My life wasn’t exciting anymore – because I used to be my biggest project, and it was taken away from me. My identity for myself was a sick person that I was working on fixing. 

So what did I do every time I reached the point of 100% health? I self sabotaged. In with the refined sugar, in with the shitty self talk and doubts about myself, in with the toxic people, goodbye exercise and meditation, goodbye tuning in and listening to myself above everyone else.

And here I am again. With the worst pain ever. I am lucky though – because I know what to do. This time I just have to remember the last piece of the puzzle – not identifying myself with the struggles I’m about to overcome. I have to make my life fun, and find purpose outside of healing my own diseases.

I read somewhere that “the tools that helps you heal is not going to work when you’re ready to thrive”, and I believe that ♥︎

Healthy Food

Vegan Christmas dinner


7 days left to the big day!

I think Christmas this year is going to be amazing. I mean – it always is, but this one I’m really looking forward to for some reason. It might be because my sister and I have planned Monopoly and wine, or maybe because we’ll be more people than usual this year, or maybe because I’ve been introduced to vegisterkaker.

You know Sweden is known for their meatballs? Well, in Norway we have something way better called medisterkaker. Google suggests its pork patties in English? Anyways. They’ve been in our family for decades – and I used to love them so so much when I was growing up.

As well as being the best dinner we could ever hope for when visiting our grandparents, the patties has been a staple to our family’s Christmas dinner table since forever. Alongside ribbe, pinnekjøtt, sausages, potatoes, gravy, mashed root vegetables and sauerkraut, you’ll find these versatile little balls. If you’re not Norwegian I can tell you that this table consists of four different kinds of meat.

So ever since I started my love affair with the plant based cousin, I’ve had a rather limited amount of choices when it comes to the Christmas table. The past two years I’ve had a few store-bought veggie burger thingies on the side of my plate, and that’s that. Not complaining here, just trying to make you understand my immense gratitude when my dads girlfriend surprised me the other day.

She found a recipe for homemade vegan medisterkaker, got the ingredients and made them for me. And they were soooo so so so so damn good. The consistency is amazing, they smell like medisterkaker and I’m gonna go as far as saying that they actually taste like it as well!

I think this is the kindest thing anyone has done to me in a very long time. I just value it so much. It’s not so much the medisterkaker themselves, although they were life changing, but more the feeling of really been seen. On a whole new level. I’ve never expected anyone to take part, or show interest in, my way of eating, so when it happens it feels kind of unreal.

Anyways; if you’re interested in my new favourite dinner, you can find the recipe here. It’s in Norwegian, but it’s an easy recipe so I guess its just fine to translate!

Marry marry Christmas, xx

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Homemade Ferrero Rocher


Balls balls balls balls balls balls.

Couldn’t share only one recipe for candy balls this December it seems like, so here comes another one!

Ferrero Rocher used to be my favourite chocolate for a while back in the days. I think they might still be. Everything chocolatey and crunchy is my cup of tea.

I dont really know what to say about these, other than this : I have a homemade book of my favourite documentaries, books and recipes – and this little recipe made it in there. My dad loved them as well – and so did everyone else I’ve forced them on!

Ah, now I suddenly started thinking about Harry Potter. I think these would be amazing pared with watching the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry struggle through life. Tucked into a big furry blanket, maybe a friend by my side, a cup of gingerbread tea and these healthy yummy chocolatey balls. Maria, if you’re reading this, you’re invited.

Now, the important thing: you can find the recipe here.

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Juice fasting for two days!


Hi loves!

Last weekend, along with my social media detox, I did a juice fast – and now I want to tell you a little bit about it.

Before I started the fast I searched around the webs to find a few good recipes, when I stumbled upon this woman’s program and decided to stick to it for a few days. All the recipes were tasty! I almost skipped the lemonade because she said it taste like crap – but I’m glad I tried it, because it ended up being my favourite liquid of the weekend! (Its funny how we’re all so different.)

Let me just start by saying that I tasted almond milk for the first time in my life that weekend (it was a part of the program). I’ve been drinking it for years but never knew what it tasted like. Weird? Mhm! But that’s one of the things a juice fast does to you –  everything you consume gets this intense taste, and the appreciation for food after a cleanse is so much bigger.

The reason I did the cleanse in the first place is because I found myself kind of “out of it” the Thursday before I started. When Maria called me to see if I was up for a yoga class I had to kindly decline because I seriously felt totally lost when it came to my usually so high vibe and trust in life.

In other words; I did the cleanse for spiritual and mental reasons more than physical.


I’ve done a 6 day juice cleanse before (that’s where the picture above is stolen from, you can read about it here), so I felt like I knew what to expect this time. I knew I’d feel full because of all the nutrients, I knew I’d have enough energy to get through the day without turning into a completely emotional monster, and I knew I’d get sick of cleaning the juicer.

I also knew that a lot of food habits, not so cool thought patterns and limiting beliefs would come to the surface – which I was ready to investigate.

I am definitely one of those people who has this ingrained habit of turning to food when I subconsciously dont feel strong enough to face whats in my head and heart. A juice fast kind of forces me to look inward. I mean, no amount of green juice can cover up my emotions – I can assure you that.

And at the same time I’m giving my body all these nutrients that’ll make me think more clearly – and deal with life in a better way.

Like I said, I juiced for two days and that was enough time for me to get centred, tidy my head and find happiness within myself again.

If you’re looking to do the same I have a few tips for you:

  • Drink smoothies and eat whole foods at least a few days before you begin.
    Depending on what kind of diet you’re coming from you’ll ease into the fast and probably avoid the worst detox symptoms – such as headaches and nausea.
  • Watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (it’s on Netflix!) while juicing to have some other juice-people company you during these days.
  • Don’t be too busy while doing the fast – but get in some light exercise like walking.
  • Don’t panic if you poop like a crazy person – you might just be carrying a lot of shit with you.
  • Drink loads of water and green tea.
  • Don’t watch Cupcake Wars – you will get out of this world cravings.
  • Keep a journal! It might be good to write down whatever comes up for you emotionally. I also got way more creative, so I wrote down a lot of good ideas (in my opinion at least), and fun things I wanted to do in the future.
  • After you’re done you’re gonna want to ease into food again with smoothies and whole foods. Don’t break the fast with a block of chocolate and four cups of coffee, unless you want to really damage your poor intestines.

Happy juicing ♥︎


I did a 3 day social media detox


Happy Monday Loves ♥︎

Opening this blank page I started laughing – because I felt like I had kept a secret from someone really important, and wanted to excuse myself for that. Holy smokes, I clearly have a much deeper relationship with you guys than anyone would understand.

Anyways – what I wanted to tell you is that I broke my 3 day long social media detox this morning. (Or that I did a social media detox this weekend at all)

Thursday night I deleted Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat from my phone – and made a promise only to check my work email and Facebook-chat once in the morning and once at night. And my oh my has it been an experience.

First of all – you know you’re addicted when you get withdrawals, right? I did. I had a few moments where I actually had social media withdrawal. That’s kind of crazy to say out loud. Every morning I would feel it, and every night as well. And then I noticed myself doing things like being about to check my mail while I was busy reading a good book. Like, it was done on autopilot. I had to really catch myself doing it. And when I stopped myself from reaching for any of the socials I got this feeling of fear. Like I needed my fix – cause what would happen if I didn’t?

What happened when I didn’t get my fix, though, was nothing to be afraid of. It was simply happiness.


This weekend I’ve felt a feeling of happiness that aren’t a reaction to something specific. It’s not a feeling of happiness that comes from hearing a cool story, or because I saw something fun or did something exciting. It was a feeling of happiness that came from within. It came from being in the now. Just 100% present with people. Present with nature. Present with the juice I was drinking. Present with my dog. I realised how much I miss spending time with people and my family – like really spending time with them. Without any distractions.

And besides allowing me to feel this deep sense of happiness – not being on my phone made time for so much fun!

Me and my mom were sitting in the living room last night – and as the universe wanted me to really understand this weekends lesson – the wifi and tv signals were down. We lit candles, had a juice each and just sat there. That’s one of the times I felt this intense sensation of happiness. We had no choice – both of us had to be there, in the now, with each other. She started talking about all the things she used to do with her friends and family when she was a kid, before they got their first tv. We also started talking about all the things we would do together if it wasn’t for the television that’s so easy to turn to, or Netflix – or even browsing the net on separate smartphones as we so often do these days.

We both agreed that we would probably play some kind of game together, cook a meal that acquired a good amount of time in the kitchen, maybe go for a long walk, bake some treats, even sing or tell stories and get to know each other even better.

I really recommend this kind of detox to everyone. This morning I feel calmer, more centred, more creative and happier than I’ve done in a long time. 3 days aren’t a lot, but it was enough for me learn some really valuable lessons.

Although social media has literally saved my life, and made it possible for me to meet several of the best friends I have right now – if not used with caution I believe we’re missing out on life. I’m so grateful that I got to experience this, and will absolutely make sure to live my life more in this physical world from now on.

If any of you have done the same, please let me know what your experience was like! ♥︎ Btw, I also did a juice cleanse this weekend – and I’ll tell you all about that in a few days!


3 mindset shifts that will make you happier


Gratitude is the way to what you want

According to the law of attraction you attract what you give out. If you’re happy you bring happiness to you. If you’re feeling poor you’ll bring more feelings of lack into your life. Being grateful for what you already have is therefor going to result in more of those things being manifested in your life – that being material things, relationships, money, opportunities, freedom etc.

Besides that, being grateful is going to make you feel happier instantly. I think it’s important to understand that if you’re not happy now – you will not be happy when you get what you want either. This is because you’re carrying with you the same mindset. The mindset that happiness is in the future, and that there’s always something missing.

We can always have more and do more, theres just no end to it. The universe is abundant, and that’s both an amazing and hard thing to deal with. Be grateful for what you have right now, and you’ll both be happier and see those things expand in your life.


Being happy for others will bring happiness to you

It’s easy to get jealous when we see other people succeed – because on some level we think that the fact that it happened to them means it won’t happen to us. But again, the universe is abundant. There’s no lack of anything.

When I see other people succeed I get really happy because of tree things. 1. Happy people are the most beautiful people I know – I love having them in my presence. 2. The fact that someone has got what I want means that getting it is absolutely possible – for me too. I see it as a sign from the universe that what I want is very close to me. 3. We attract to us the feelings and thoughts we have – which means that by being happy for other peoples success, I’m attracting success to me, too.


Forgiveness feels so good – it’s like a magic key to happiness. And once we understand that the feelings and emotions we’re expressing only hurts ourselves, we are free.

Let’s say someone did something horrible to you – and you’re holding grudges towards that person to make them pay for what they did. This is actually just hurting you – not them. You are the one sitting with these bad emotions, the other person can’t feel them unless they choose too. Your emotions are your emotions.

You can forgive someone inside yourself – you don’t have to include the other person at all. You can sit down, think about the situation that happened, see what you can learn from it and then choose to be grateful for that lesson and move on. Release the anger and disappointment, and go live your happy life. You don’t have to have that person in your life, you dont have to speak to that person or tell them you’ve forgiven them – just forgive them for yourself.