my skincare routine

Good morning loves,

As I mentioned in my makeup routine video I’m a sucker for healthy looking skin. That’s what I focus the most on when I do my makeup, and something I always recognise on others. My own skincare routine is very simple, just like everything else that I do, but it works.

I made a video showing you what I do, so just press the play button if you’re interested:

As I say in the video organic rose water is really good for acne, but so are the oil cleansing method (which I accidentally called -pulling the second time there.. wops). Some people do find that doing this with coconut oil cause them to break out, so if that’s you I would look into different oils. I know people have good results with argan oil and hemp seed oil.

I hope you liked the video and found some inspiration. If you have anything to add I would love to read about it in the comments!

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Anne-Line Erlandsen

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