My natural solution to itchy armpits

What’s more annoying than itchy armpits? I mean, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night, several times, because my armpits were killing me. Months of itching last year, and the same thing in Bali, lead me to these amazing tips. Seriously, I was itching like a crazy person for weeks up until last Thursday, and the day after implementing these things I was itch-free.

There’s of course various reasons to irritated armpits, but in my case it was tiny little red spots driving me crazy both times. I’ve never been to the doctor with this, so I have no idea what it would be categorised as in their eyes. But try these things – and if you don’t get better take a trip to your doctor!

1. Change to natural body wash
Go get the most natural, chemical free body soap you can find. Chemicals and perfume in conventional soaps can trigger both itching and inflammation. Natural is always better, as it gives you body the opportunity to sort out the problem itself. This time I picked up the one pictured below; this one from Greenfrog Botanic. I bought mine at Røtter in Oslo.

2. Change your deodorant
The same goes with deodorant, unnatural ingredients can be very harmful for our bodies. But I would also choose a natural deodorant that doesn’t contain baking soda, as some people react to this. I’ve found this one from Schmidt’s Naturals to work perfectly for me both times. (not sponsored)

3. Apply deodorant to dry skin
Make sure your armpits are dry before you apply deodorant. Especially after taking a shower or working out.

4. Change razor blades
First of all, if you have very irritated skin, go a while without shaving. And then, a doll razor blade is not doing you any favours. Be sure to change them regularly, and especially if your skin gets irritated. A lot of bacteria will build up and hang on to them, and of course it’ll just damage your skin by not being sharp enough. One month is the absolute maximum of time you should go without changing blades.

YEY to happy armpits!

Anne-Line Erlandsen

Anne-Line Erlandsen, a 28 year old girl from Norway. I'm a certified holistic health coach studying marketing, and with this website I put my ass where my heart wants to be – in writing, self expression and creativity.