Let me do a little disclaimer before we begin; I’m not talking about clinical depression here, I’m not a healthcare professional, and please take care of yourself while you give this a light hearted read ❤️

I always joke around with the (self proven) fact that this whole town I’m living in suffers from seasonal depression during the winter months. And we’re very much excused thank you very much because a huge chunk of our days are pitch black, there’s below minus twenty degrees celcius outside, we’re covered in snow and our feet/cars are sliding off the roads on the regular.

In other words; it’s easy to feel a little blue. But I’ve suffered through this 26 times now, and by doing that I’ve found a little recipe to avoid total catastrophe!

Step 1: Prevent instead of treat.

Treating anything is way harder than preventing it from happening. That’s why we need a really good plan, and we have to start acting before the blueness creeps up on us. An excellent plan will consist of anything you find helpful; the rest of the steps in this blogpost are what works for me.

Step 2: Become a Christmas queen.

You might hate people for obsessing over Christmas two months before it even begins, but I promise you; Christmas obsessers have more fun! Falling in love with this holiday is going to keep you from feeling blue 1/2 of the winter. You ditch sadness for excitement, basically. So start planning your decorations, the recipes, the parties, the outfits, the playlist and the movies far before it’s socially accepted and you’re on your way to bliss. And if you’re not brought up with any traditions – make your own!

Step 3: Rise with the sun.

Daylight is important, even though it doesn’t provide much vitamin D this time of the year. You want to make sure you get as much as you possibly can. Just seeing it through the window is much better than not seeing sunlight at all. Where I live the sun rises around 9 am right now, so I make sure my alarm clock sings at that exact time. (yes I’m a spoiled online student, so I can sleep for as long as I want hehe oops).

Step 4: Exercise.

Do you want me to tell you how drinking water makes your skin healthier too? Hehe. Of course we all know exercise is beneficial, but I exist to serve you truisms, so here we are. During the summer months I exercise outside, while during winter I go to the gym. Just because it’s more comfortable, and there’s a bigger chance I’ll actually do it. I also combine it with the sunlight tip above, and head to the gym as soon as I wake up.

Step 5: Do something that frightens you.

This is a big one, because you want to make sure your days are exciting. You want to wake up with a purpose, and you want all the good feels; including a sense of empowerment. I love doing things I’m afraid of. The past few months I’ve bought myself a car and forced myself to get comfortable in traffic. I used to be insanely scared of driving before. I also got to horse back ride a few times, which I’ve also been so scared of. Whatever frightens you; challenge yourself to do it!

Step 6: Make joy a priority.

Your life is meant to be good. You are meant to feel happy, satisfied, excited, joyful, calm and the whole spectrum of good feels. And the only one who can make that happen is yourself. First of all: allow. Allow yourself to be happy. Then act. Make sure you do- , eat- , listen- and surround yourself with things and people that makes you shine. You are allowed to eat chocolate, drink wine, spend too much money on interior, and look like a beauty queen every single day – if that’s your drill. Make an effort, and focus on the good. You are so very worthy.

I wish you a very merry winter season, you beautiful little nugget. ?

Anne-Line Erlandsen

Anne-Line Erlandsen, a 28 year old girl from Norway. I'm a certified holistic health coach studying marketing, and with this website I put my ass where my heart wants to be – in writing, self expression and creativity.