Do you hate successful people?

I was looking through Sarah Day’s YouTube channel the other day, and I was like; gosh there’s so many cheery sparkly pink fucking happy videos here… ah YES there is one sad heartbreaking one I KNEW she wasn’t that happy I’m definitely gonna watch that one. 

Well hello there missy (myself that is) – wake up. 


Wanting to see other peoples imperfections is one thing –  that’s a natural result of hanging around social medias seeing perfect lives everywhere for a long time. But consciously looking for proof that someone isn’t as good as they seem, or down right just hating happy people – that’s another thing.

This is a thought-pattern I’ve worked on changing before, and one I actually thought I had let go of ages ago; hating on other peoples success out of fear of my own.

Cause that’s what the majority of us are taught to do by society. We are programmed to be afraid of successful people (success being people who are happy, have a good career, have an amazing relationship, are fit and healthy, people who love themselves or just have something that you want), because their success means less success for us. But that’s not how it works. Hating on other people does one thing, and one thing only: create bad vibes. First of all it creates bad vibes inside of the one being jealous (/afraid), and second of all bad vibes for everyone getting in contact with the fearful one when they’re expressing their thoughts.

This goes with all negative talk. If you talk or think shit about others it means you’re not too fan of yourself. You want to drag others down with you, instead of them being all threatening up there where you think you can’t reach. Talking or thinking shit about other peoples success means you’re afraid you can’t get success yourself, or that their success in some way is harming you. And this might not be what you’re thinking in your conscious mind, but it is the whole process going on behind it.

Cause if you loved the absolute shit out of yourself, why would you be bothered about what other people are doing, creating or expressing? If you were following your dreams and focused on reaching your own exciting goals, why would you hate on other people who are doing the same? You wouldn’t! You would be happy about seeing other people succeed, because it shows you that success is possible.

Living at home, in the city I spent my teenage years in, with near to no close friends in the area, has definitely brought its challenges for me. I lost my sense of purpose and slipped back to a lot of old ways of thinking and acting. But this is how life is. No matter how ‘enlightened’ you are, or how much you think you’ve figured yourself out – life is going to happen. Things will change. And new situations will require new tools and ways of thinking.

Here’s my two best tips for getting out of the “I hate successful people” trap:

1. Consciously seek out successful people
, stalk them, bathe in their good vibes, complement them, talk nicely about them to everyone you meet and spread their successful work wherever you can. (You will feel resistance towards these things at first – but it’ll soon become second nature because it seriously feels so good and freeing.)

2. Start taking care of yourself. On every level. Exercise, eat healthy (drink a smoothie), get dressed, smell good, have good conversations in your mind, have fun and follow YOUR dreams so that you feel like you’re on your right path too.


Now I’ve had a long shower, dried brushed my whole body, shaved my legs (although it’s winter!!), drowned my hair in coconut oil, put on self tan (again: winter), had the best hummus and avocado toast, meditated with my dear beloved crystals, had a bottle of water and watched just about every single one of Sarahs videos – except the sad one. And I feel a million times better. And Sarah is the cutest person I’ve ever stalked – no wonder my ego wanted to hate on her.

Lets spread the love. And if this is you – forgive yourself. Don’t judge yourself for being a shitty person. We all try to do the best that we can at all times. Only when you know better you can do better. So – forgive yourself, and then work on it.




Anne-Line Erlandsen

Anne-Line Erlandsen, a 28 year old girl from Norway. I'm a certified holistic health coach studying marketing, and with this website I put my ass where my heart wants to be – in writing, self expression and creativity.