Fall asleep with yoga nidra

Ah, happy Sunday! One of my 7 favourite days of the week.

Sleep, you guys – it’s amazing when it works, and kind of a struggle when you can’t seem to do it. Getting a good night sleep is so important for our bodies – not to mention moods. We all know that we need it to get energy and mental clarity the next day, but when we’re sleeping is also the time for our bodies to repair all the damage thats been done throughout the day.

I’ve had a little bit of trouble falling asleep lately – mainly because I can’t seem to calm down my body and stop my mind from racing. We all have those days or periods, either if we’re extremely excited about life, or there’s a little too many worries for one person to handle.

I talked about my sleep-troubles on Instagram a few weeks back, and got a lot of good advice in return. One of them were Yoga Nidra.

I’ve tried it before, not knowing that it was a kind of yoga. But basically it’s when you lay in bed, trying to calm down one bodypart at the time. They say it’s a form of conscious sleep – where the body is sleeping but the mind is still awake.

It’s hard for me to express with words how good it feels every time I do it. It calms me down in a very unique way. I can feel my body sleeping, while I’m laying there 100% aware of what’s happening.

I stumbled upon a podcast, of all things, when I started doing this regularly – and it’s so amazing I have to pass it on. I’ve also recommended it to my clients, and they’re loving it just as much as me.

If you have an iPhone you can go onto the Podcast App that’s already installed, and search for Tom Evans Yoga Nidra. It’s 11 minutes long, and takes you through the whole thing step by step. What I love about this particular one is that not only does it take care of the body, but also the mind. It askes you to set an intention in the beginning of the practice, and takes you through other mind exercises as well.

Try it, and let me know what you think!

Anne-Line Erlandsen

Anne-Line Erlandsen, a 28 year old girl from Norway. I'm a certified holistic health coach studying marketing, and with this website I put my ass where my heart wants to be – in writing, self expression and creativity.