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Coaching is something very dear to my heart, as it helped me through some very difficult times. It also led me to a beautiful place, in where I live my every day life out of love instead of fear.
Although I’m not coaching anymore, I don’t want to leave you empty handed! I’ve had the chance to work with two different coaches in the past 3-4 years, and I want to introduce you to both of them.

Sarah Anne Stewart

Sarah is the one who guided me on my journey out of anxiety and into the happy life.
She runs the beautiful business Holistically Slim, and helps people get to their desired weight with a diet free and holistic approach. Although that’s her focus, she is way more than that.
She helped me change my mindset, work through some difficult events in the past, and she’s a great listener. With her you will always feel safe just being yourself, while working towards a better you.

Peter Adolfsson

Peter introduced himself to me as a fellow coach, but ended up coaching me in a unique way I’ve never experienced before.
He’s all about different meditation techniques, and during every session he’ll take you on a inner journey to get closer to who you are and what needs to be done. He’s also a great listener, and you can tell that his curiosity and passion for your happiness is very genuin.
His website is in Norwegian, but hit him up no matter where you’re from, cause he’s truly an amazing coach.