Find peace with food and your body

Looking in the mirror smiling
Eating whatever you want without guilt
Not thinking about food all the time
Finding your ideal weight without dieting
… and staying there effortlessly!
Having a life you can’t wait to wake up to

You know that feeling when you just can’t stop eating? When you, like a ninja with shades and an oversized hoodie, run to the nearest grocery store for the final hunt. While hoping no one see you, you grab all the candy and cookies – even your dad’s favourite chocolate you normally pass on. You hide away in your bedroom and eat until you feel sick. At first you get this intense sense of freedom, but the feeling of guilt that builds up lasts for days. This is the final time though, because tomorrow is the beginning of a new life. And it’s going to be kickstarted by skipping breakfast, lunch and preferably dinner. And then, before you know it, you’re back to the binge – so incredibly confused.

Why can everyone do it, except me?
Why do I eat all this food, even if it doesn’t taste that good? Even though I’m so full?
Even though all I ever want is to be skinny?

The thing is, you’re not at all alone in this. This deprive – binge cycle is a problem for so many girls (and guys!) today – and it ruins lives. Exaggeration huh? Imagine how many thoughts you could have had if 90% of them wasn’t around food and stomach rolls. Imagine how many ideas you could set to life if you didn’t spend the whole day feeling guilty about the past binge. Imagine all the fun you could’ve had out with the girls if the size of your thighs didn’t steal all your attention. Imagine how good you could sleep at night if the hours before bedtime wasn’t spent studying other peoples thigh gaps and diets. Imagine how much you could love your life if you didn’t spend every waking minute criticising it – and yourself.

But I refuse to give up the tiny little sense of

control that I have, cause all i want in life is to be skinny.

Well, the truth that’s been kept from you up until now, is that you can find your ideal weight without this control. The secret is not self-discipline, strict rules and forbidden foods. It’s not another diet plan or strict exercise routine. The key is finding the root cause, the underlying reason to why you’re struggling with food. It’s about changing your mindset, let go of the need to control and make food become easy for you – working with both mind, body and soul. It’s about discovering what’s really important in your life, and make it the dream you deep down know you deserve.

Your body is smart. You are smart. You’re just a
little astray, and I’m here to help you back on
track again.


5.000,- NOK

This is the program I recommend if you’re ready to change your lifestyle and mindset, leaving food and body issues behind for good.

50 min skypesessions with me
12 sessions over 6 months
Unlimited e-mail support


2.000,- NOK

Perfect for you who are already into the holistic way of living, but need a little help or motivation

50 min skypesessions with me
4 sessions over 1 month
Unlimited e-mail support


500,- NOK

Perfect if you’re looking to discuss one specific issue or you’re a former client looking for a fresh-up.

One 50 min skypesessions with me

This is for you if:

You spend an excessive amount of time thinking about food
You avoid seeing yourself in the mirror
Life feels dull, and theres just no motivation

This is not for you if:

You know you have an eating disorder
You’re struggling with a serious mental disorder