Find tools to enjoy your life while working towards your dreams

Waking up everyday eager to jump out of bed
Finding joy in the simplest of things
Having a clear vision for the future (that excites you!)
Loving your job / studies
Having the best relationships
Being the happiest person you know

Are you sick of feeling down all the time, waking up tired and exhausted every day, being bored with life, and not seeing the meaning of anything anymore?

You’re not alone.

We live in a society where being miserable has become kind of the norm. We’re told that working 9-5, spending our hard-earned money on rent and average food, drinking away our worries when the weekend finally arrives, is the only right thing to do. Some people genuinely enjoy following this pattern, others feel more more or less misplaced. I was definitely one of the ladder – and I’m guessing you are too?

The thing is; life is supposed to be good.

Life is supposed to be filled with laughter, joy, passion and excitement. Not all the time, but the majority of it.

I’m here to help you get to that state. To help you find your passion if you haven’t yet, to get you to believe in yourself and make it happen. To do whatever you’re on this earth to do – cause let me tell you, it is something special and very needed. 

You’ll see it when you believe it

On the other hand I’m also here to help you find joy in the little everyday things. Cause no matter what kind of lifestyle you choose, it’s going to be something called “everyday life” sometimes, and these are enjoyable too.

No matter what you’re doing right now, where you are, who you’re surrounded with – you can find happiness there. Everything starts in the mind, and that’s where we’ll begin the work, too.


5.000,- NOK

If you’re ready to change your lifestyle and mindset for good – you’re not looking for a quick fix. My six month program is where we work closely together, get to know you and your vision on a deep level, and get in good mindset-shifts that will last.

50 min skypesessions with me
12 sessions over 6 months
Unlimited e-mail support