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  • Anxiety Personal

    My experience with anxiety

    This post was originally written in Norwegian and published on my old blog in early 2015. It’s about how I got anxiety and how I got into a holistic way of living. So much…

  • Anxiety Mindset Videos

    Stop racing thoughts

    Nothing is more exhausting to me then a mind that won’t quiet, and here’s what I do when that happens. It only takes a few minutes, and you can do it everywhere you go. YEY!…

  • Adenomyosis

    TCM’s take on adenomyosis

    Since my last post about Adenomyosis I’ve been introducing a few different habits and new philosophies into my life, to support the health of my body and see if I can ease the pain…

  • Adenomyosis


    I’ve decided to start a brand new column on my blog, and it’s gonna be all about my uterus. Let me tell you why. In the end of August 2016 I went to the…