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    Why I left Bali + life advice

    Good morning, loves! My endless talk about Bali is not going to stop anytime soon, and today I’m answering the question I’ve been asked a hundred times since I got home. “Why did you…

  • Mindset

    3 lessons from Bali

    Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia – filled to the brim with love. Traveling there alone is by far the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and the people around me. It…

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    Traveling solo as an introvert

    Hi beauties! Just a few weeks ago I packed my little backpack, bought a plain ticket and placed my excited but on a plane heading to Indonesia. During this time I’ve had an actual BLAST. I…

  • Mindset

    Make a quick vision board

    I’m not sure if I can call this a vision-board, but it’s definitely an image of my vision for my near future. I put this together in literally 10 minutes, and I’m gonna show you…

  • Mindset

    Start your day with a positive mindset

    Happy Monday lovely people of the earth,  I was interviewed by the inspiring people over at the other day, and now it’s up for you all to read! I’m sharing my morning routine,…

  • Anxiety Mindset Videos

    Stop racing thoughts

    Nothing is more exhausting to me then a mind that won’t quiet, and here’s what I do when that happens. It only takes a few minutes, and you can do it everywhere you go. YEY!…

  • Mindset Videos

    How to benefit from bad experiences

    While looking for the perfect camera to buy, I realised that the way I’d been doing it could apply to about everything in life. So I wanted to pass that on to you in this video.…

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    how to deal with anger

    Anger is a feeling we all know of, and here’s how I deal it with it: For more videos like this, subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE. ilu!  …

  • Mindset Videos

    How to make the best goals

    I think we can all resonate with the scenario of making goals, being super motivated, just to find ourself giving up a few weeks or months later. Here’s my best strategy to prevent that,…

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    What to focus on this year

    Are you ready to make 2017 the best year yet? Here’s the key to start doing that, right now For more videos like this, subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE. ilu!…

  • Mindset

    how to be proud of your body

    I remember when my body image was at it’s all time low for me. My biggest issue was that I was never skinny enough, and because of that I was also struggling with a…