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    Youtube channels to love

    There’s a certain way I’d like to feel 90% of my time here on earth, and I don’t know how to describe it. It can be understood by words like dark chocolate, red wine,…

  • Mindset

    Seeing my own words on real paper

    The concept of ‘time’ is something I can’t wrap my brain around. How holding a challenging yoga pose for 10 seconds feels like a lifetime, while reading a good novel for 6 hours feels…

  • Mindset

    Win one of my favourite books!

    Hi there beautiful living creature ? A few weeks ago I found myself laying on the floor eating raw brownies, when I jumped over to instagram to find that I had the 10k number…

  • Mindset

    Do you hate successful people?

    I was looking through Sarah Day’s YouTube channel the other day, and I was like; gosh there’s so many cheery sparkly pink fucking happy videos here… ah YES there is one sad heartbreaking one I…

  • Mindset

    Having a bad day

    Vulnerability. Autenticity. We are born with emotions. A part of being a human is to have emotions. So why do so many of us fear them, hide them from others, and push them away…

  • Holistic Mindset Videos

    Why diets don’t work

    Yo! Today I’m talking about why diets don’t work – in my opinion. As you can probably tell by watching this video I’m super passionate about this topic, because I believe the way we…

  • Mindset

    Meditation to change our subconscious mind

    Hi beautiful, How’s your new year going? Have you set your intentions for the upcoming 12 months, energised and excited to reach some goals? I have no resolutions this year, but there’s still a…

  • Food Mindset Videos

    What I eat in a day

    This is what I ate (and did) today – plus some of my thoughts. Let me know if you want me to post the recipes or anything – other than that, enjoy! You can…

  • Mindset

    I did a 3 day social media detox

    Happy Monday Loves ♥︎ Opening this blank page I started laughing – because I felt like I had kept a secret from someone really important, and wanted to excuse myself for that. Holy smokes,…

  • Mindset

    3 mindset shifts that will make you happier

    Gratitude is the way to what you want According to the law of attraction you attract what you give out. If you’re happy you bring happiness to you. If you’re feeling poor you’ll bring…

  • Mindset Personal Videos

    Q&A video

    Good morning loves, It’s time for a q&a! I asked you on Instagram if you had any questions – and you did. So this time I’m answering how I deal with jealousy in relationships,…

  • Mindset

    A soothing alarm clock

    Ah, how are you feeling little loves? Freezing to death, or letting the snowy landscape waaaarm you up from within? Personally I’m doing both. Life is a roller coaster sometimes – I gotta say.…

  • Mindset

    A 5 minute journal practice

    Positivity. My go-to attitude, and what makes every day the best it can be. No secret; I’m a big believer in the law of attraction. What you give out you get back. So I…

  • Mindset

    What is self love?

    This post is written while kind of having a little epiphany, so it’s just as much for me as it is for you. What is self love? How do we show ourself love? Coming…

  • Mindset

    Gratitude list game changer

    Happy gratitude day – everyday! I guess a lot of you know by now that I’m a big believer in the law of attraction – which is a universal law that basically says like…

  • Mindset

    Visualisation for more energy

    I found myself feeling a little sluggish the other day, without really knowing why. Taking a nap wasn’t an option, neither was coffee – and food, water and exercise was well taken care of.…