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  • Holistic

    My playlist for stretching

    I’ve never been the most flexible person – except backbends that’s always come naturally to me. After years of occasional yoga I still can’t touch the floor with the palms of my hands… But…

  • Holistic

    Fall asleep with yoga nidra

    Ah, happy Sunday! One of my 7 favourite days of the week. Sleep, you guys – it’s amazing when it works, and kind of a struggle when you can’t seem to do it. Getting…

  • Holistic

    My favourite yoga mat

    I’m a strong believer in the yin yang theory – that we need both high and low energy in our lives. That’s why I do two kind of exercises on a regular basis. Running…

  • Adenomyosis Holistic

    My period essentials

    I thought to myself; okay let’s write a list on period essentials. And then I was like, Organic tampons. Done. Seriously – in many ways I’m the simplest person you’ll ever cross paths with.…