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    Angry at fast fashion

    I’m officially influenced. A few weeks ago I started playing with the thought of going on a purchasing-all-my-clothes-second-hand-or-otherwise-sustainable-for-365-days-challenge. The reason being myself slowly realising how many beautiful high quality clothes I could get for…

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    Oil&crystal magic

    The sound of jazz softens the room while I make coffee with oat milk and watch the leafs outside my window slowly make its way from vibrant green to deep orange 🍂 The nostalgic…

  • Holistic

    Sun in eight house

    . They didn’t come to the Earth to live one life; they came to live many, in sequence, each built from the ashes of the one preceding, and all within a single lifetime, within…

  • Holistic

    Care for your Monstera

    It was March. The year was 2018. Never before, nor after, have I seen my little hometown covered in such a heavy white blanket. I had just moved into the tiniest little room, in…

  • Holistic

    Collection obsession

    I was browsing around on the internet a few weeks back, looking for some cozy white knitted sweaters. Cause, you know, or now you know, I drowned the only one I had in foundation.…

  • Holistic

    Favourite jewellery + life update

    It’s November you guys. I can’t believe it’s November. Where did October go? And September? And the first half of November? Hah, feels like I’ve been asleep for the past 2-3 months. I feel spoiled though, cause…

  • Holistic

    Adding a new column to my blog

    Good morning, loves As I get to know myself better, the content I create changes – and I’m so excited to share my new upcoming column with you. Like – really excited.  I’m a girl…

  • Holistic

    I had an astrology reading

    Ever since I was a kid I’ve been obsessed with astrology. It started with girly magazines – reading what my upcoming month would be like based on my sun-sign. From there it escalated to…

  • Holistic

    Favourite hardbacks for a happier life

    The Power By Rhonda Byrne This book is like my bible. It’s filled with inspirational quotes, and motivation to get on a higher frequency and attract to you what you most desire in life.…

  • Food Holistic

    How I stay hydrated (with Eva Solo)

    Bottle sponsored by Eva Solo  There’s one thing I know I should do, but find really hard, and that is to keep myself hydrated. Although I know how good it makes me feel, and…

  • Anxiety Holistic

    My goals in life

    What you’re about to read is a blogpost I wrote exactly a year ago, but for some reason it’s been left chilling in “drafts” since then. I stumbled upon it today and thought hey, let’s put…

  • Holistic

    3 natural ways to fall asleep faster 

    A while ago I had real issues with sleep. Once I fell asleep I was all fine, but the art of falling asleep was something I just couldn’t master. Now, on the other hand,…

  • Holistic Mindset

    Favourite iBooks for self growth

    The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield I was introduced to this book by a friend last year, when I was back from Bali and ready to get things going in my career. It’s…

  • Holistic

    Why crystals can be healing 

    When I first dipped my toe into the pool of alternative medicine in 2014, I stumbled upon a lot of different things. Many of them way too crazy for my Scandinavian brain to even…

  • Holistic Mindset Videos

    Why diets don’t work

    Yo! Today I’m talking about why diets don’t work – in my opinion. As you can probably tell by watching this video I’m super passionate about this topic, because I believe the way we…

  • Holistic

    Studying at IIN – Answers  

    Before I started working as a holistic health coach, I studied at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). It’s just about 1 year since I graduated today, and I’ve gotten loads of questions about…

  • Holistic

    My Christmas Calendar

    It’s theeee mooooost wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeeeeeeeear – soon! Two days left, and we’re dipping our toes into my favourite month. I’m sensing chai tea, The Holiday, long walks in the snow, potatoes…