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    Green smoothie for glowing skin

    You can tell when people are healthy and happy, they tend to glow. That glow comes from within, both because of their emotions that just shines through, but also the right nourishment. Greens are…

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    Nicecream sandwiches

    It’s hump day! It might feel challenging being back at work after the holidays, but luckily for us we can make a conscious desicion to improve our mood. So let’s make this Wednesday better by indulging…

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    Scalloped potatoes (plant based)

    Oh happy day! I’ve been wanting to eat scalloped potatoes (Norwegian: fløtegratinerte poteter) for weeks now, and I finally found a recipe without any processed ingredients! Although it’s not my recipe, I figured I…

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    Easy Acai bowl

    Acai bowls. To me they’re as much of a staple today as they were last summer. The deliciousness and prettiness of these things are hands down insane. Not to speak of the nutritional value.…

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    Homemade almond milk

    Almod milk is a wonderful replacer for cows milk, and is a perfect addition to things like smoothies, cereals and pastries. Homemade is always better than store-bought, and here’s my go-to recipe! For more…

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    LoveRaw smoothie bowl

    The perfect smoothie is thick and creamy, pored into a bowl, and topped off with absolutely everything my tastebuds are craving that day. Here’s one easy recipe, spiced up with a few superfoods from…

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    Plant based lunch spot

    I met up with one of my wonderful friends for lunch earlier today, and we decided to try this relatively new place in Oslo. I think it’s amazing how these healthy spots are popping…

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    Green juice two ways

    Last summer I did a 6 day juice cleanse, containing heaps of home made juice. I absolutely loved it, and was left with so much energy and vitality when it was over and done…

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    Kale salad dressing

    Somewhere along the road of eating a plant based diet I stumbled upon kale and thought to myself; “how am I supposed to get this paper-like green leaf down my throat?” I did what…

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    Roasted veggies

    This one goes out to all you students and other lacy fellows out there. If you’re experienced in the kitchen this is not going to come as a surprise to you, but I believe…

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    Your new favourite soup

    Although I love spending hours in the kitchen at special occasions, my everyday food is always very simple. That’s why I love having recipes that aren’t really recipes. It’s more like a few fixed…

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    Milk the no-dairy way

    Nut milk, you guys. it’s so delicious! And good for you! And cheap! And easy to make! And yes I’m overly excited and in love with this liquid! In a few seconds you’ll read…