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    Vibrant breakfast

    10 am today I woke up to sun rays dancing on my face, and around an hour and a bottle of water later I found myself walking barefoot towards my kitchen. I was totally…

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    Perfect matcha latte on the first try

    My first time making matcha latte was a success! Writing the previous sentence is something I thought I’d never get to do. Purchasing my first supply of matcha powder was supposed to be my…

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    Where I usually find my recipes

    Every now and then someone confuse me with a recipe developer. And I get that. I mean, my whole Instagram feed is packed with food. But here’s the truth; I’ve never come up with…

  • Healthy Food Mindset Videos

    What I eat in a day

    This is what I ate (and did) today – plus some of my thoughts. Let me know if you want me to post the recipes or anything – other than that, enjoy! You can…

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    Vegan Christmas dinner

    7 days left to the big day! I think Christmas this year is going to be amazing. I mean – it always is, but this one I’m really looking forward to for some reason.…

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    Homemade Ferrero Rocher

    Balls balls balls balls balls balls. Couldn’t share only one recipe for candy balls this December it seems like, so here comes another one! Ferrero Rocher used to be my favourite chocolate for a…

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    Pink balls for the holiday

    Good morning little elfs! Can you believe it’s December tomorrow? That it’s 25 days until Christmas Eve? That tomorrow is the beginning of everything nice and cozy and yummy and loving and GREAT? I…

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    White vegan pizza recipe

    Diet. A touchy word and topic for many of us. What’s healthy, what’s not? What should we eat? What kind of diet works? Is it important? After years of trying different theories – everything…

  • Healthy Food

    Hot chocolate – healthy recipe

    Hi loves, ready for fall? I woke up to zero degrees celcius today, and couldn’t be happier. I’m definitely one of those annoying girls who love fall and have had a countdown to Christmas…

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    My 3 favourite healthy sweets

    I don’t have a sweet tooth – I am a sweet tooth. Just ask my parents. I was basically raised on pick and mix. Not because my parents thought that was a great choice, but because…

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    Healthy & tasty chocolate milkshake

    I woke up today wanting everything. I was thirsty, hungry, stressed, tired – all at the same time. One gratitude list and a half hearted meditation later I knew what I was craving the most. Chocolate.…

  • Healthy Food

    Raspberry nicecream bowl

    Hi loves! Some of you might know that I just got home from Bali – so far the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. Still processing the whole thing, as it feels like I…

  • Healthy Food Personal Videos

    What I eat in Bali

    Selamat pagi! Eating in Bali is so cheap, yum and healthy, that I made a video showing you guys an example of what it looks like. For more videos like this, subscribe to my YouTube channel…

  • Adenomyosis Healthy Food Personal

    My supplements

    I’ve been meaning to share with you which supplements I’m taking for a while now, and today is the day. I’m a big believer in getting all our nutrients from food and natural sources,…

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    Plantbased grocery haul

    Good morning beauties! I woke up to an empty fridge yesterday, so I ran out of the house to get some groceries. Ended up with some old favourites and a few new products, and…