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    A week in the sun

    Good morning babes, As you can probably see I’ve made a few changes to my website, and for me it marks a kind of ‘new beginning’. I feel like I’m currently breaking out of…

  • Everyday life

    Care for your Monstera

    It was March. The year was 2018. Never before, nor after, have I seen my little hometown covered in such a heavy white blanket. I had just moved into the tiniest little room, in…

  • Everyday life

    Collection obsession

    I was browsing around on the internet a few weeks back, looking for some cozy white knitted sweaters. Cause, you know, or now you know, I drowned the only one I had in foundation.…

  • Everyday life

    Favourite jewellery + life update

    It’s November you guys. I can’t believe it’s November. Where did October go? And September? And the first half of November? Hah, feels like I’ve been asleep for the past 2-3 months. I feel spoiled though, cause…