It was March. The year was 2018. Never before, nor after, have I seen my little hometown covered in such a heavy white blanket. I had just moved into the tiniest little room, in a white house at the bottom of an insanely steep slope I’d soon learn to hate. I didn’t carry much. A few bags of clothes, a brand new bed, and a see through chair with a fake sheepskin rug on it.

It was perfect. The only thing missing in this sacred space of mine was some greenery. And that’s when she came into my life – my Monstera. Not that I remember the day I adopted her, or any of the other things mentioned above for that matter, as my memory is non existent. Sadly I can’t blame that on a diet or lack of Sudoku or anything – it’s a curse I’ve always shared with my two stunning sisters. Not complaining though. Makes it pretty easy to live in the moment.

She’s enriched my life in several ways, this plant. By simply making the pent house (my room) a prettier, more lush place. Cleaning the already fresh winter air, giving me a pre-taste of motherhood and teaching me a few valuable lessons.

At the beginning of our life together she spent most of her time in the corner of my room, with no direct sunlight touching her ever. She was doing great, and I honestly had no idea she had the potential to look even more vibrant and beautiful. That was until I rearranged the furniture and she ended up right underneath the window. In a few days I could see her physically reaching for the sun. Instead of being a fat Monstera plant, she grew into a tall, even greener Monstera goddess. The lesson: it’s in our nature to reach for the light. To go where we feel warmth and comfort. Nothing wrong with that.

Now, lets target what you came here to read

How to care for her? Honestly the heading is just an excuse to write everything I’ve written above. I’m no plant expert at all. Not nearly. In my house there’s 4 living things. Myself, a man, a cactus and the mentioned Monstera plant. The green ones are not only the easiest family members to take care of, but also probably the easiest of its kind. I’ve never met such patient plants.

I do truly and deeply love her, though. She makes me happy. That’s why I give her what she needs, and listens if she’s upset. Now she’s standing in front of a huge window. She says she loves it. Although, admittedly, she is getting a little fat again. Just like the rest of the household. Every now and then (once a week or so), I give her a glass of water. And every other week I give her a shower. That’s when we truly connect, and I realise how much I want a huge green plant in my shower. My boyfriend won’t let me.

In Norway I feel like you can get her siblings anywhere. Her family also goes by the name Vindusblad – and you can find them at Plantasjen for example.

Anne-Line Erlandsen

Anne-Line Erlandsen, a 28 year old girl from Norway. I'm a certified holistic health coach studying marketing, and with this website I put my ass where my heart wants to be – in writing, self expression and creativity.