Green smoothie for glowing skin

You can tell when people are healthy and happy, they tend to glow. That glow comes from within, both because of their emotions that just shines through, but also the right nourishment.
Greens are the perfect foods for healthy glowing skin, both because of their fiber, antioxidants and nutrients. One of the easiest ways to get in the greens is by making a green smoothie. Here’s one of my go-to recipes!

1/2 green apple 1 celery stalk 1 big handful of…

My makeup routine

Hi pretty face!
Over the past few years I’ve completely replaced all my makeup- and beauty products, and now make sure they’re all natural, organic and vegan. This is much better for your over all health, as you decrease the amount of toxins entering your blood stream every day. It’s also beneficial for our planet, not to speak of the animals.
I’ve tried a lot of different ones, some which didn’t work for me and some that absolutely blew my mind. I…

Nicecream sandwiches

It’s hump day!
It might feel challenging being back at work after the holidays, but luckily for us we can make a conscious desicion to improve our mood. So let’s make this Wednesday better by indulging in some healthy treats.

Me and my friend Pernille made nice cream sandwiches the other day, and oh my. They were as good as they were messy. I’m actually eating one right now, and I can feel my mood improving with every bite.
The recipe is created by EarthyAndy, and…

How to make the best goals

I think we can all resonate with the scenario of making goals, being super motivated, just to find ourself giving up a few weeks or months later.
Here’s my best strategy to prevent that, and it all starts with the way you make your goals.

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And find The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte here.

Scalloped potatoes (plant based)

Oh happy day!
I’ve been wanting to eat scalloped potatoes (Norwegian: fløtegratinerte poteter) for weeks now, and I finally found a recipe without any processed ingredients! Although it’s not my recipe, I figured I had to share it with you.

The ingredients are: 
Potatoes Onions Olive oil Cashews Water Salt Oregano Garlic Parsley
And the only fancy equipment you need is a simple blender

I’m just going to leave you with these pictures and a link to the rest of the recipe here.
I ate it…

Easy Acai bowl

Acai bowls. To me they’re as much of a staple today as they were last summer.
The deliciousness and prettiness of these things are hands down insane. Not to speak of the nutritional value. I mean, snowy weather and below zeros can’t stop me. Blankets, glows, hats. Try me.

Blend this: 1 frozen banana 1 pack of frozen acai purée A few frozen raspberries Some fresh blueberries Coconut water
Put this on top: Fresh fruit and berries Favorite granola Shredded coconut Almond-butter(!)
Frozen acai…

how to be proud of your body

I remember when my body image was at it’s all time low for me. My biggest issue was that I was never skinny enough, and because of that I was also struggling with a horrible horrible relationship with food. I was very strict about what and how much I ate, which eventually resulted in binges and a lot of confusion around what was right or wrong food- and bodyvise. I would often cry when I saw myself in the…

Homemade almond milk

Almod milk is a wonderful replacer for cows milk, and is a perfect addition to things like smoothies, cereals and pastries.
Homemade is always better than store-bought, and here’s my go-to recipe!

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LoveRaw smoothie bowl

The perfect smoothie is thick and creamy, pored into a bowl, and topped off with absolutely everything my tastebuds are craving that day.
Here’s one easy recipe, spiced up with a few superfoods from Love Raw. And as lovely as they are they’ve actually made it possible for one of you to get the added superfoods for free over on my Instagram feed. Just saying!

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The secret to silky smooth hair

My hair is naturally dry and brittle, which makes it quite hard to handle at times. Especially during the winter months. I’ve been looking for a solution to this for ages, and I’ve finally found something that works!

Your skin is your largest organ, and a lot of the things you put on it will enter your bloodstream right away. That’s why I always choose natural and organic when shopping for beauty products. Ain’t got no room for those harsh…

My hair-care routine

Here’s what kind of products I use for my hair, both when showering and afterwards! It’s all natural, organic and cruelty free.

Shampoo and conditioner Faith in nature coconut 
Jojoba oil RÅ organic skincare
Wooden brush Agave healing oil natural bamboo paddle brush
Coconut oil Urtekräm

Plant based lunch spot

I met up with one of my wonderful friends for lunch earlier today, and we decided to try this relatively new place in Oslo. I think it’s amazing how these healthy spots are popping up all over town now a days, providing us Norwegians with so many healthy and Instagram-friendly food options.

The place we went to is called LETT, which means light, as in the opposite of heavy. It’s located close to Aker Brygge, which makes it very accessible.


Green juice two ways

Last summer I did a 6 day juice cleanse, containing heaps of home made juice. I absolutely loved it, and was left with so much energy and vitality when it was over and done with. Before I started the cleanse I was so worried I would feel hungry and lethargic all the time, but non of those things happened.
I haven’t done one since, but I’ve definitely given my body the pleasure of this healthy fastfood every now and then….

Kale salad dressing

Somewhere along the road of eating a plant based diet I stumbled upon kale and thought to myself; “how am I supposed to get this paper-like green leaf down my throat?” I did what I do best, asked my beloved friend mr. Google for advice. He told me the secret lies in the beautiful act of massaging. I’d never given my food a massage before, but I had some experience pinching my mothers feet when forced to. I tried…

Roasted veggies

This one goes out to all you students and other lacy fellows out there. If you’re experienced in the kitchen this is not going to come as a surprise to you, but I believe many people forget about this way of cooking. I wanted to show you guys how I prepare my vegetables almost every day. It’s as easy as it gets, and tastes so unbelievably amazing!
1. Slice up your vegetables 2. Drizzle over some oil if you want…

Your new favourite soup

Although I love spending hours in the kitchen at special occasions, my everyday food is always very simple. That’s why I love having recipes that aren’t really recipes. It’s more like a few fixed ingredients to make a good base and get things going, and then just let it evolve from there.
So, what I want to show you today is a yummy liquid thing that you can make into a soup, use in a stew or maybe as a…

Milk the no-dairy way

Nut milk, you guys. it’s so delicious! And good for you! And cheap! And easy to make! And yes I’m overly excited and in love with this liquid!
In a few seconds you’ll read through the recipes of my two basic favourites. The plain original one, and the chocolate flavoured. Enjoy them in smoothies, over granola and fruit, in oatmeal or just as they are.

Ingredients – 1 dl nuts of choice (almond is my favourite) – 4 dl ice-cold water…