Juice fasting for two days!

Hi loves!

Last weekend, along with my social media detox, I did a juice fast – and now I want to tell you a little bit about it.

Before I started the fast I searched around the webs to find a few good recipes, when I stumbled upon this woman’s program and decided to stick to it for a few days. All the recipes were tasty! I almost skipped the lemonade because she said it taste like crap – but I’m…

I did a 3 day social media detox

Happy Monday Loves ♥︎

Opening this blank page I started laughing – because I felt like I had kept a secret from someone really important, and wanted to excuse myself for that. Holy smokes, I clearly have a much deeper relationship with you guys than anyone would understand.

Anyways – what I wanted to tell you is that I broke my 3 day long social media detox this morning. (Or that I did a social media detox this weekend at all)


3 mindset shifts that will make you happier

Gratitude is the way to what you want

According to the law of attraction you attract what you give out. If you’re happy you bring happiness to you. If you’re feeling poor you’ll bring more feelings of lack into your life. Being grateful for what you already have is therefor going to result in more of those things being manifested in your life – that being material things, relationships, money, opportunities, freedom etc.

Besides that, being grateful is going to make…

All the ways I use coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of my best friends, and we’ve been besties for years. I mean, there’s probably nothing it can’t do. I absolutely love it – both the smell and how it makes my life so much easier. A quick google search will show you a million ways to use it, but here’s my favs:

Hair mask
Coconut oil contains vitamin E and fatty acids which helps in both strengthening the hair and give it a healthy shine. It also…

Q&A video

Good morning loves,

It’s time for a q&a! I asked you on Instagram if you had any questions – and you did. So this time I’m answering how I deal with jealousy in relationships, if I ever used birth control pills and my opinion on them, my thoughts around breaking the norms and following our intuition, my job and my plans for the future.

00:50 How I deal with jealousy
02:40 My opinion on hormonal birth control
07:05 To what extend I think…

A soothing alarm clock

Ah, how are you feeling little loves? Freezing to death, or letting the snowy landscape waaaarm you up from within?

Personally I’m doing both. Life is a roller coaster sometimes – I gotta say. Not only in the temperature department but also in the motivational one.

Early in the morning happens to be my downfall for motivation. I wake up – it’s dark, it’s cold, and I wonder why I even care to take part in this fun game called human…

Pink balls for the holiday

Good morning little elfs!

Can you believe it’s December tomorrow? That it’s 25 days until Christmas Eve? That tomorrow is the beginning of everything nice and cozy and yummy and loving and GREAT? I can’t – but come at me!

Today I’m here to suggest a little treat to you. I’m all about the balls – you know that. Chocolaty ones preferably, but when I was stalking my way though Instagram the other day, like I so often do, I found…

My Christmas Calendar

It’s theeee mooooost wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeeeeeeeear – soon! Two days left, and we’re dipping our toes into my favourite month.

I’m sensing chai tea, The Holiday, long walks in the snow, potatoes and gravy, lit candles, the Norwegian Christmas soda, vegan freakin meatballs that I’m going to make this year and red wine with the best friends in the whole wide world!

I can’t control myself. I really can’t. If it were up to me it would be Christmas…

Every morning I’m feeding myself some Power

If you ever get up on the wrong foot, this is what’s going to get you back on the right one again.

I’ve talked about this several times on Instagram, and everywhere I can basically, cause it’s been life changing for me – and still is. I am talking about the book The Power by Rhonda Byrne.

It looks like a fairytale book for kids – or maybe more like a textbook you would get at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and…

Organic self-tan oil

31 days until Christmas!!!! What does that mean? Time for self-tan bonanza!

Being your natural pale self is not okay – and you should be ashamed of that version of you. Especially during the festive season, where see-through / blue legs and chests are just not cool. There’s nothing we want less than hurting other peoples eyes while having cinnamon spiced everything and eggnog with raisin in our glasses. Am I right? I am.

Luckily for us vikings here in the…

White vegan pizza recipe

Diet. A touchy word and topic for many of us. What’s healthy, what’s not? What should we eat? What kind of diet works? Is it important?

After years of trying different theories – everything from chicken all day errday, to hard core vegan – I came to the conclusion that there’s no such thing as one diet that fits everyone. Some people thrive on potatoes all day, others might be energised and healthy consuming a good mix of everything this planet…

A 5 minute journal practice

Positivity. My go-to attitude, and what makes every day the best it can be.

No secret; I’m a big believer in the law of attraction. What you give out you get back. So I love starting my day with a handful of powerful practices to get the positive vibes going. Every morning I read an excerpt of my favourite inspirational book The Power, drink a cup of tea and write in my 5 Minute Journal.

This journal has changed my life…

What’s currently on my brows

I have certain brands that I’ve put my trust in since day one of my natural-living journey. They have such high standards and values that I feel safe getting anything from them knowing it’ll be great, both ingredient vise and how they work on my face.

One of these are 100% Pure. Their products are natural, organic and gluten free. It’s vegan and they do what they can for the environment. What’s coolest, though, is that all the colour pigments in…

My playlist for stretching

I’ve never been the most flexible person – except backbends that’s always come naturally to me. After years of occasional yoga I still can’t touch the floor with the palms of my hands… But that doesn’t stop me from loving the practice!

Stretching is fun, because if I practice it regularly I can see progress and improvements just about every time I go on the mat. But the reason I turn to it as often as I’ve done lately, is…

Fall asleep with yoga nidra

Ah, happy Sunday! One of my 7 favourite days of the week.

Sleep, you guys – it’s amazing when it works, and kind of a struggle when you can’t seem to do it. Getting a good night sleep is so important for our bodies – not to mention moods. We all know that we need it to get energy and mental clarity the next day, but when we’re sleeping is also the time for our bodies to repair all the…

What’s currently on my lashes

You all know by now that I’m in love with everything natural, and what’s hidden in my makeup bag is no exception. It’s been a few years since I switched all my conventional makeup products with natural and organic ones – and I’ve tried a lot of different products since then.

Mascara is one of the beauty products I use almost on the daily, so I thought I’d share my new favourite with you.

I like my lashes natural looking, long…

My favourite yoga mat

I’m a strong believer in the yin yang theory – that we need both high and low energy in our lives. That’s why I do two kind of exercises on a regular basis. Running for the intensive high-energy one, and yoga to get more flexible and calm down.

It’s common to look at experienced yoga practitioners and think; “I could never do this”. But yoga truly is for everyone. There’s also several forms of yoga, in which you can find…

My period essentials

I thought to myself; okay let’s write a list on period essentials. And then I was like,

Organic tampons.


Seriously – in many ways I’m the simplest person you’ll ever cross paths with. Not talking about what’s going on in my mind here, but in the things I own and do. My dad like to make fun of me, cause I have on several occasions went on a weekend trip to another city – bringing nothing but my tiny little purse.


Guided visualization for motivation & creating your dream life

Visualisation is one of the most powerful mind-exercises we can do.
Athletes do it to perform better, some people do it as part of healing from disease, and it’s an important step in getting what we want in general.
Visualisation is about envisioning what we want to happen, as though it’s happening right now. We train our mind to automatically make choices that gets us where we want to go. Our mind actually has a hard time differentiating between whats happening…

3 organic vegan foundations

As important as I think it is to love ourselves without any coverage or adjustments – makeup is fun and can definitely boost our self esteem when we’re out and about enjoying our lives. I’ve found natural makeup to be the best – both for my body, mental health and looks.
The world of natural makeup is getting bigger – and it’s become as much of a jungle as any other makeup place. So here’s my little navigation in the…