I’m a daydreamer. An over thinker. A writer, cat-lover, runner, hopeless romantic, and yoga pants all day kinda girl from Norway. And oh – I’m a holistic health coach!

Hobbies include cappuccino and library walks, singing, traveling with my tiny backpack, laughing with friends, talking to strangers, shooting photos, collecting new natural & organic things, and styling smoothie bowls.

Hobbies used to include counting calories, browsing the web for delicious brownie recipes I’d never let myself make, binging on whatever was in the kitchen, starving myself a little bit and going to the gym I hated.

Girl am I glad that changed. And girl am I even happier it led me to become a graduate of The Institute For Intergrative Nutrition, so I can help people like the old me find other hobbies

And girl am I glad you’re here! Let’s be friends: