As a Holistic Health Coach, I’m a cheerleader for happiness. Cause in the end, isn't that what we’re all chasing?
Happiness is first of all a choice, but also a result of authenticity and balance. Bringing that into every area of life is key. Healthy relationships are just as important as diet, and a good exercise routine just isn't going to make it without a positive mindset. Everything is connected, and Holistical is a peek into what’s become my version of this. I hope it leaves you inspired to bring your best into every area of your life.

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It’s hump day!

It might feel challenging being back at work after the holidays, but luckily for us we can make a conscious desicion to improve our mood. So let’s make this Wednesday better by indulging in some healthy treats.

Me and my friend Pernille made nice cream sandwiches the other day, and oh my. They were as good as they were messy. I’m actually eating one right now, and I can feel my mood improving with every bite.

The recipe is created by EarthyAndy, and you can find it here

Her version tho, is made with store bought ice cream. While we went advanced and made our own. Doing that is super easy and it’s done in 5 minutes max. All you do is put frozen banans and a little vanilla powder in the food processor, and blend until smooth. Don’t add any liquid!

Making it this way will get a little messy, and I highly recommend making the sandwiches and then put them in the freezer right away. This way they’ll be both prettier and easier to eat.

I hope you’re having a wonderful week, and that you choose to do something fun besides working!


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I think we can all resonate with the scenario of making goals, being super motivated, just to find ourself giving up a few weeks or months later.

Here’s my best strategy to prevent that, and it all starts with the way you make your goals.

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And find The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte here.


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Oh happy day!

I’ve been wanting to eat scalloped potatoes (Norwegian: fløtegratinerte poteter) for weeks now, and I finally found a recipe without any processed ingredients! Although it’s not my recipe, I figured I had to share it with you.

The ingredients are: 

Olive oil

And the only fancy equipment you need is a simple blender

I’m just going to leave you with these pictures and a link to the rest of the recipe here.

I ate it straight out of the pan, but it would probably be even more delicious as a side-dish to whatever you want.


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