Healthy Food

Vibrant breakfast


10 am today I woke up to sun rays dancing on my face, and around an hour and a bottle of water later I found myself walking barefoot towards my kitchen. I was totally unaware of the fact that I was about to whip up the most tasty breakfast I’ve had in weeks. 

I’m so inspired by all my indoor plants slowly coming back to life after a hard, cold and slightly depressing winter. After I sprayed them all with water yesterday they’ve all thanked me by growing new leafs and raising majestically up towards the sky. They look so alive, and all I’m craving by looking at them is fresh herbs and vibrant fruits and greens. 

After slowly savouring 1/4 of my breakfast I knew I had to share this meal with you – and here we are. If you want something crispy, filling and vibrantly healthy in your mouth at some point you have to try this. 

It’s as always very simple; 

Drizzle a gentle amount of olive oil, salt, pepper and chilli flakes on two pieces of whole wheat bred. Put them in the oven on around 200 c, until they are crispy and you can see the oil bubbling. When they’re finished you top them of with green pesto, avocado, mango and fresh coriander. Always with a cup of ginger lemon tea on the side, of course. 

Natural Beauty

Care for your lips down there


What happens to me every now and then, is that I see something I love. Has that ever happened to you?! Hehe, just kidding – I bet it does all the time. But for me, especially in the area of everything natural and organic, I occasionally feel very drawn to certain products. It’s like I’m pulled towards it, feel the need to learn everything about it, and feel at home with all that this product is. It was very much the case with Weleda’s Skinnfood series – and recently another line of products caught my attention to the point of no return (for my wallet at least).

The product line that caught my attention on one very bright Friday evening at work is called Lip Intimate Care. At first I fell really hard in love with both the packaging, branding and idea. In my opinion they’ve achieved the perfect blend of looking clean, natural and upscale / exclusive – while also being quite bold with not coating the fact that it is for the lips down there. Our sexy, delicate, strong lips that we should be so proud of, and never see as something to hide or be ashamed of.

The line consists of three natural and organic oil based products, designed to either shave, clean or moisturise downstairs. Reading their articles I learned that we should all really ditch the soap-varieties, because the labia does not contain enough sebaceous glands to stay healthy if regularly washed with soap. The vagina opening actually doesn’t produce sebum at all, which is why we can experience vaginal discomforts when we regularly strip them of their moisture.

I love everything feminine like this, and can happily say that these bottles are very welcomed new items to my selfceare regimen.

I don’t know if you can get them outside of Norway/Sweden, but if you caaaaan – you know what to do. Also if you’re located in my area you can find them at Life, or online several places.

Everyday life

A week in the sun


Good morning babes,
As you can probably see I’ve made a few changes to my website, and for me it marks a kind of ‘new beginning’. I feel like I’m currently breaking out of a really weird phase of my life where a lot of changes had to happen, internally as well as externally. And I won’t lie – the whole process has been frustrating and hard to deal with at times. Now that I’m on the other side of it though, I feel better and more like me than ever before. It’s so crazy how we tend to resist new events and internal shifts in our lives because we feel like it ‘doesn’t fit into our plan’, just to see that when we surrender everything is thrown our way for a good good reason.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have picked up on some of the changes, such as me not eating plant based anymore, getting into a beautiful relationship, quit my health coaching business and decided to start studying again. Everything but the relationship was very tough choices to make, which is why I haven’t had the energy or clarity to write and share my life on the world wide web. I’m very excited to say that I’m back!

I have a way more relaxed approach to health and wellness these days, and I can’t wait to share with you the tiny things that puts a smile on my face every day. Last week me and my boyfriend got home from a beautiful trip to Spain. So needed and so much fun. I finally got some real d-vitamin, a bit of a tan, days spent in my bikini, and I found a lot of time to read a book I’ve been wanting to read for the longest time. It’s one of the books in the series The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley – and omg those books are my jam.

I’m so grateful that I got to go on this vacay at this exact time. Relaxing, like truly relaxing, is for sure an art to me. Not something I’m talented at – I have to practice hardcore. And for 6-7 days I really got the chance to.

Can’t wait to interact with you beauties again,

Natural Beauty

Skinfood faves.


Good morning to me ♥︎ and you.

It feels like spring in my heart these days. Although my surroundings tells me a little different. There’s still tons of snow, but we’ve had some really sunny days this week. And hey, last week we experienced 6 degrees celsius! Haven’t seen it cross over to the plus side of things for months. Excited. Might also feel like spring since I just entered my ovulatory phase. The phase of internal summer.

Okey, enough of the nerdy grandma stuff already.

I’m working part time in a health store these days, and a few weeks back, when I got to work, I was greeted with Weleda’s new babies! I’ve had my heart set on the original Skin Food moisturiser for the longest time – and now the family of Skin Food has evolved. Let me just say: they know what they’re doing.

This morning I felt the urge to talk you through my current favourites from the line, as they’re simply outstanding. First of all: Weleda is an all natural brand with some vegan products as well. However the Skin Food line is not vegan, as there’s beeswax in the products.


This moisturiser has a really thick consistency and is originally ment to be applied on super dry patches. However, I was introduced to it through Annikens blog, as a perfect base for makeup. I have to agree. For some people it might be a little too dense and trigger breakouts over time. But for me, who has normal to dry skin (especially during winter), this works wonders. It plumpes the skin, makes the foundation easy to work in, and leaves me looking glowing and healthy throughout the whole day.


This one has stepped in as a replacement for my babybom moisturiser. Its lighter (hence the name – duh-uh) than the original one, and I can see it becoming my summer-essential. During the Norwegian summer my skin is pretty soft naturally, and only needs a tiny dose of moisture from the outside. That being said – this concoction is great for winter too. It’s super moisturising – just like every product in this line. Right now I apply it mostly around my eye area, and a little bit on my neck – the places I want to be more careful while applying, since the original one can be a little hard, physically, to work in.


This, my friend, is my new obsession. I’ve been looking for a lip balm that truly works for the longest time – now I consider the mission complete. I’ve never had the pleasure of such soft lips ever before, and can’t see myself replacing this.. ever?! My favourite way to use it is as a night mask. It’s to be found on my night stand at all times, and it’s the last thing I pick up before I drift of to sleep. This way it nourishes and moisturise my lips throughout the whole night, and I wake up with the biggest smile and no cracky lips. Both me and my colleague is in awe.

The last member of the line is a body butter. I’ve never been a fan of butters like that, as I prefer my body lotions to be just that – lotions. But my colleague loves it, so if you’re into butters – give it a huge go.

To end it off I just have to say that this is in no way sponsored. Since I work in this shop I do get a discount on the products, but I would totally buy them even if I had to pay the whole price. In my humble opinion they’re not that expansive anyways.

Everyday life

Care for your Monstera


It was March. The year was 2018. Never before, nor after, have I seen my little hometown covered in such a heavy white blanket. I had just moved into the tiniest little room, in a white house at the bottom of an insanely steep slope I’d soon learn to hate. I didn’t carry much. A few bags of clothes, a brand new bed, and a see through chair with a fake sheepskin rug on it.

It was perfect. The only thing missing in this sacred space of mine was some greenery. And that’s when she came into my life – my Monstera. Not that I remember the day I adopted her, or any of the other things mentioned above for that matter, as my memory is non existent. Sadly I can’t blame that on a diet or lack of Sudoku or anything – it’s a curse I’ve always shared with my two stunning sisters. Not complaining though. Makes it pretty easy to live in the moment.

She’s enriched my life in several ways, this plant. By simply making the pent house (my room) a prettier, more lush place. Cleaning the already fresh winter air, giving me a pre-taste of motherhood and teaching me a few valuable lessons.

At the beginning of our life together she spent most of her time in the corner of my room, with no direct sunlight touching her ever. She was doing great, and I honestly had no idea she had the potential to look even more vibrant and beautiful. That was until I rearranged the furniture and she ended up right underneath the window. In a few days I could see her physically reaching for the sun. Instead of being a fat Monstera plant, she grew into a tall, even greener Monstera goddess. The lesson: it’s in our nature to reach for the light. To go where we feel warmth and comfort. Nothing wrong with that.

Now, lets target what you came here to read

How to care for her? Honestly the heading is just an excuse to write everything I’ve written above. I’m no plant expert at all. Not nearly. In my house there’s 4 living things. Myself, a man, a cactus and the mentioned Monstera plant. The green ones are not only the easiest family members to take care of, but also probably the easiest of its kind. I’ve never met such patient plants.

I do truly and deeply love her, though. She makes me happy. That’s why I give her what she needs, and listens if she’s upset. Now she’s standing in front of a huge window. She says she loves it. Although, admittedly, she is getting a little fat again. Just like the rest of the household. Every now and then (once a week or so), I give her a glass of water. And every other week I give her a shower. That’s when we truly connect, and I realise how much I want a huge green plant in my shower. My boyfriend won’t let me.

In Norway I feel like you can get her siblings anywhere. Her family also goes by the name Vindusblad – and you can find them at Plantasjen for example.

Everyday life

Collection obsession


I was browsing around on the internet a few weeks back, looking for some cozy white knitted sweaters. Cause, you know, or now you know, I drowned the only one I had in foundation. (Damn though – who knew natural makeup could be so hard to wash off?!)

I found the perfect sweater. But what I also found was a collection of clothes that I totally fell in love with. 

Before my eyes were suddenly wide legged jeans in the perfect leo print, loose fitting soft coloured trousers in silk-like material with a matching jacket, cute blouses and oversized knits – all from the same designer.

I’d never heard of her before, but her name is Kae Sutherland. She’s an influencer from Amsterdam. And although I can’t understand a word of what she’s writing, I’m obsessed with her whole vibe now. Her style, her sweet little baby girl, her hair (!!), and the all around good vibes.

You can find her collection here, on I hope it doesn’t sell out too fast, cause there’s a few items I have yet to order. Such as the wide legged blue jeans and the oversized brown knit. Such a cozy homey feel.

The most comfy jeans

The clothes I wear are actually very important to me, although I’m not really that into fashion. Happiness and confidence are truly an inside job, but our aesthetics and how we present ourselves with makeup, hair and clothing is, at least to me, something that can make me more confident and even happier. 

Oh how I love finding new obsessions like this.

Adenomyosis Healthy Food

Follicular breakfast + adenomyosis update 5


After discovering The Woman Code, the magical app MyFlo, and the fact that animal products might not be that bad for my health after all – my uterus has found a lot of relief.

I’ve come to learn that as woman, our body goes through 4 different phases each month. It’s the well known menstrual phase, the following follicular phase, the ovulatory- and the luteal phase. Eating and making lifestyle choices according to the phase I’m in, incorporating eggs and meat + taking supplements recommended to me by my friend Trine, left me with significantly less pain in just a month. Such a short time. I’m really impressed.

My periods after I learned that I have adenomyosis was painful to say the least, now they’re not really that bad.

Today I wanted to show you what I had for breakfast, now that I’m in the follicular phase. It was so freaking tasty, and kept me full for hours.

No need for chef-like talent here – this is really simple.

  1. I boiled eggs, sliced up half an avocado and added some feta cheese on top just because I love it.
  2. Sliced up some cherry tomatoes and fried them in olive oil with a handful of asparagus beans.
  3. Squeezed some fresh lemon juice on top + Himalayan salt and pepper

And there you have it.

Some protein, some good hormon-loving fat, and fresh veggies to tick of every follicular box there is.

Cycle syncing is fun. You should try it.

Everyday life

Favourite jewellery + life update


It’s November you guys. I can’t believe it’s November. Where did October go? And September? And the first half of November? Hah, feels like I’ve been asleep for the past 2-3 months. I feel spoiled though, cause there’s still fall-weather here in Norway. Although I think I love every single season, my heart belongs to the colourful leafs and crispy fresh air.

Well, enough with the weather update already! Some really exciting things has happened lately. I got two new pairs of real glasses in the actual strength I need (yey – I can now actually see the raindrops falling!), I went to the dentist for the first time in 5 years, I got everyone in this shared house to buy their own body soap so that I have mine for myself, I freshened up my knowledge about the endocrine system, and me and my boyfriend found an apartment to move into in the beginning of next year! What an eventful couple of months.

Apart from that I’ve developed a huge hangup on golden jewellery. Growing up I always considered myself more of a silver jewellery girl, but that has dramatically changed. I now have three golden pieces that I wear almost every single day, and I wanted to show you one of them today.

It’s these little nuggets from Ziva Cph Jewelry – you can find them here. I absolutely love them and I think they go well with just about every outfit. Such a cute addition to the casual jeans and white t-shirt, but also the perfect thing to glam up any party dress of mine (or just the only one I have, lets be honest).

I think they’d be a perfect gift for someone you hold dear to your heart, as they’re a tad expensive but oh so beautiful. And with Christmas coming around … jiiiiiiiingle!



Natural Beauty

Kora Organics review


A while back I was on the hunt for some new skincare products – to freshen up my routine and help my skin transition from summer season to Norwegian ice-cold winter. I stumbled upon Kora Organics, and it tickled my curiosity enough to end up in my bathroom cabinet a week later.

Kora Organics is an Australian brand, founded by the beautiful (inside and out) Victoria Secret angel Miranda Kerr. The products are all certified organic and have natural ingredients. On top of that they are energised with Rose Quartz, a crystal believed to carry a soothing energy to encourage love and acceptance of ourselves & others. Thinking of that makes me so happy and calm. Most of her products are vegan – all of the products that I bought are. Non of them are tested on animals. Yey Kora!

I bought the face oil ‘Noni Glow Facial’, the balancing rose mist and hydrating moisturiser. The last two products are for dry skin especially, while the oil can be used for all skin types.



Noni Glow Facial

This is my favourite of all the products. A beautiful oil blend in a beautiful glass container. It’s made of Noni Extract, Rosehip Oil, Pomegranate Oil and Sea Buckthorn Oil which give my skin both beautiful antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

I wouldn’t change this product for anything. I bought the tiniest bottle (10 ml), but I’m not even half way down the bottle. It’s super rich, so two-three tiny drops is enough to cover my whole face. Most days I squeeze a peanut size pump of my moisturiser onto my hand and combine it with two drops of this oil. Other days I take two-three drops onto my face and cover the driest arias.

If you’re gonna get any of these products, make sure it’s this one!



Balancing Rose Mist

This is my least favourite product of them all. Its made of Rose Flower Water, Geranium Oil, Hibiscus and Noni Extracts – which is amazing, but to me it didn’t do anything. I’m used to spraying rose water on my face every day, and find that to be a way better product by itself. The Kora mist doesn’t smell that good to me either, so getting way cheaper organic rose water (which smells yum!) is more my thing.

I ended up finishing the bottle in about a week, and filled it up with my own rose water after that.



Hydrating Moisturizer

This moisturiser is alright. It contains Rosehip and Macadamia Nut Oils, Noni Fruit, Licorice Extracts and a natural Hyaluronic Acid. I’m loving the ingredients, but it leaves my face feeling a little sticky. I haven’t tried that many organic moisturisers in my life, as I’m used to just sticking with oils. But that’s my experience compared to other conventional creams.

As I mentioned earlier I combine this cream with the Noni Glow oil, and it sure does moisturise my face! Its also perfect to put on right before my foundation and makeup. I probably won’t repurchase this one, but it does the job for now.



Over all I’m superhappy to see that celebrities and role models like Miranda stands in the forefront of Organic and Natural beauty, as we sure are in desperate need for that to take over the whole world of beauty 💛






I tried 'x' for a week

I tried ‘no social media’ for a week


When it comes to this new column of mine, living without social media for a week is one of the things I’ve been looking forward to the most. So that’s what I ended up doing last week!

On my iPhone I turned off all notifications related to Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook – and only left room to interact with people over text messages and phone calls. This week I wanted to see what it would feel like to be without the influence of other people every second of the day, and also what hours of scrolling would be exchanged with. These platforms I previously mentioned, as well as blogs, were banned for the week.

Honestly, Sunday night I was kind of scared, and thought about skipping the whole project. But I was also really curious. Will I be living more ‘in the now’? Will I become calmer and more self confident? Will I feel more like ‘myself’, since I won’t get the usual amount of other peoples values and thoughts thrown at me all day? Needless to say – I chose to go for it.


Å leve uten sosiale medier i en uke, er en av de tingene jeg har gledet meg mest til med denne spalten jeg har laget for meg selv. Dermed ble det den første tingen jeg valgte å prøve! Forrige uke slo jeg av notifications på Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube og Facebook – og lovet meg selv å verken sjekke disse eller blogger fra mandag morgen til og med fredag kveld. Det jeg ville unngå var påvirkningskraften sosiale medier har på tankene mine, samt se hva all tiden jeg vanligvis bruker på å scrolle meg nedover alt dette vil bli byttet ut med. 

Søndag kveld gruet jeg meg faktisk litt, og vurderte å droppe hele driten. Men jeg var også ganske nysgjerrig. Kommer jeg til å føle meg mer til stede, roligere og mer selvsikker? Litt sånn mer ‘megselv’ siden jeg ikke får den vante mengden av andre sine verdier og tanker slengt mot meg? Så ja, jeg valgte å bare kjøre på. 


I wrote down some thoughts each day, and here are the 6 things that really stuck out to me over the days:

The fear was nowhere to be found Monday morning – actually, I woke up feeling an intense sense of freedom and happiness every day of the week. Mornings are usually the time for me to get updated on whatever happened everywhere but here while I was asleep, but this morning I noticed everything around me instead. The sun was out. My green leafy plant was playing in the light, and I was curled up in my boyfriend’s arms. Silence.

Generally during the week I got a lot of spare time to do different things. Such as making cinnamon buns. I never feel like I have time to make cinnamon buns. Ever. I also watched this very important tv-show about suicide. I found the show by coincidence, at a time I would usually lay in bed scrolling. Yeah, things like that.

The ‘little things’ suddenly felt like something really entertaining to do – not like a chore that I had to get over and done with asap. Like grocery shopping. Instead of rushing through the store to get home to bed & scrolling, I was actually in the store, looking around and taking my time – something I actually love doing.

This is what fascinate me the most. During this week I felt a real sense of happiness several times. You know, the kind of happiness that comes from within – when your thoughts aren’t a trillion other places at once. It was a feeling of butterflies in my tommy without a single reason for it. I remember this feeling from the last time I spent a few days without social media. I can’t remember feeling like this very often in my day to day life.

During these 5 days I started day dreaming about other things than I usually do. Like wanting to live on a farm, not connected to the whole world – just me and my community. I think being without other peoples influence all the time, give your own values and thoughts a chance to rise to the surface.

Again; not getting your head stuffed with other peoples thoughts, opinions and life choices all day err day, gives your own thoughts and feelings a chance to rise to the surface. On one side I felt calmer and happier. On the other side all kind of emotions filled the empty space I’d created. I truly discovered how social media have been acting like a distraction for me. It’s somewhere to go instead of being present with difficulties (or whatever else) inside of me. The last few days I felt a lot of anger and anxiety, and I’m pretty sure it’s because of this.

Redselen var ingen sted å finne mandag morgen – jeg våknet med en følelse av å være veldig fri og glad. Morgenen er tiden på døgnet hvor jeg sjekker absolutt alle sosiale medier – oftest før jeg hopper ut av sengen. Men denne dagen la jeg merke til alt det fine rundt meg istedenfor. Det var sol. Planten min lekte i lyset og kjæresten holdt rundt meg. Stillhet. 

Generelt fikk jeg mye tid til å tenke på – og få inspirasjon til – andre ting å gjøre i løpet av dagen. Jeg bakte for eksempel kanelboller (noe jeg aldri føler jeg har tid til). Også så jeg på en viktig serie om selvmord. Den fant jeg når jeg ikke hadde noe å gjøre – en tid jeg vanligvis ville scrollet. Ja, ting som det. Jeg så på at høsten flyttet inn i byen min, og fant meg en ny favoritt-te.

Småting føltes plutselig fint å gjøre – ikke som noe jeg bare måtte komme meg gjennom. Slik som å gå på butikken. Istedenfor å haste hjem til scrolling og tid i sengen, var jeg tilstede i butikken og kikket rundt – slik jeg egentlig elsker å gjøre.

Dette er det punktet som fascinerer meg mest. I løpet av uken kjente jeg på en helt ekte lykkefølelse flere ganger. Sånn lykke som kommer innenfra – når man ikke har tankene tusen forskjellige steder. Litt sånn sommerfugler i magen uten noen grunn. Det følte jeg sist når jeg hadde en helg uten sosiale medier også. Det er ikke ofte jeg føler det sånn til vanlig. 

Disse fem dagene begynte jeg også å dagdrømme om ting jeg ikke har tenkt på tidligere. Som at jeg kunne tenke meg å bo på en gård og ikke føle at hele verden er min oyster. Jeg tror det å være uten påvirkning fra alle andre i løpet av dagen gjør at dine egne tanker, ønsker og drømmer får rom til å komme frem. 

Som sagt; å ikke få andres tanker, meninger og livsvalg inn i hodet hele dagen lang, gir rom til mine egne tanker og følelser å komme til the surface. På den ene siden følte jeg meg mer rolig og lykkelig. På den andre siden var det flere typer følelser som fikk komme til overflaten. Jeg tror sosiale medier kan virke som et slags “dop” for mange – altså en ting som maskerer vanskelige følelser eller det vi ikke vil deale med. Når dopet (eller det som distraherer deg, aka sosiale medier) blir borte, må man deale med det man har prøvd å grave ned.

During this whole week I felt like I don’t ever want to go back to social media. I want to live simply – just here and now. Snapchat-, insta-, messenger- and facebook notifications are still off, and I love it.

Jeg tenkte hele uken at jeg ikke vil tilbake til sosiale medias. At jeg vil leve enkelt og bare her og nå. Notifications på snapchat, insta, messenger og facebook er fremdeles av – og jeg elsker det. 

Everyday life Mindset

Seeing my own words on real paper


The concept of ‘time’ is something I can’t wrap my brain around. How holding a challenging yoga pose for 10 seconds feels like a lifetime, while reading a good novel for 6 hours feels like just a minute? It’s such a fascinating thing.

A few days ago I stepped outside my doorstep, walked for five minutes, and entered my moms apartment. I was carrying my MacBook, and asked her if I could borrow her printer to turn a part of my own story into black words on white paper – real paper. Holding my own ebook in my very own hands, a few minutes later, was kind of surreal. 75 real pages, filled with words I had come up with all by myself. And realising that its been about one and a half year since I wrote it? That was truly mind blowing. Kind of feels like it was yesterday. And kind of feels like it was another lifetime.


‘Tid’ er noe jeg finner veldig fascinerende. Hvor merkelig er det ikke at det å holde en vanskelig yoga-stilling i 10 sekunder kan føles som en evighet, mens det å lese en god bok i 6 timer kan føles som et par minutter? For noen dager siden gikk jeg ut av døren min, og noen meter nordover – til mamma sin leilighet. Med MacBooken under armen ringte jeg på døren og spurte pent om å få låne printeren hennes. Noen minutter senere satt jeg inne hos henne med et kapittel av min helt egen livshistorie i hendene. Sort på hvitt. På ekte. 75 helt ekte sider, på helt ekte ark, med ord jeg for et og et halvt år siden kom på helt selv. At det har gått så lang tid siden jeg satt i Bali og skrev den boken er helt surrealistisk. Samtidig føles det som det hele skjedde i et helt annet liv. 


This book is something I hold very close to my heart. It represents a part of my life, a chapter of my story, that is done and over with. I look back at it with pride – knowing that my body, mind and soul was able to get though a mental illness by itself, just by living in harmony with nature and who I really am. As I was struggling, I was able to pick up all the great advice given to me by my coach and other health gurus all over the world – to try all the techniques and approaches for myself – and keep what truly resonated with me. Everything I kept is what you’ll find in this book. 

While that chapter of my story came to an end over a year ago, I picked up this book a few days ago and read it in one sitting. Prior to reading it I felt overwhelmed, stressed and kind of helpless. When I was done reading my own wisdom, I felt like myself again. Just like its written in the book: no matter how spiritual or educated you are on health and wellness, you will always need reminders. I truly did at that point. 


Denne boken ligger veldig nært hjertet mitt. Den representerer en del av livet mitt som er over – og en tid jeg ser tilbake på med stolthet. Tenk at kroppen min, sjelen og hodet klarte å komme seg gjennom en mental sykdom helt selv, kun ved å leve i harmoni med naturen og den jeg virkelig er. Midt i den vanskelige tiden klarte jeg å ta til meg alle råd jeg fant på nettet og fikk av coachen min, prøve alt jeg fant, og til slutt plukke ut det som funket for meg. Alt som funket finner du i boken. Selvom den kjipe perioden er over, plukket jeg frem boken for noen dager siden, og leste alle sidene på kun en times tid. Før jeg leste den følte jeg meg overveldet, stresset og hjelpesløs – etter jeg var ferdig følte jeg meg som meg selv igjen. Det er som jeg skriver i boken: uansett hvor spirituell du er, eller hvor mye du kan om helse, vil du alltid trenge påminnelser. Jeg trengte det veldig den dagen. 


Reading it I also acknowledged that it could have been so much better. Both grammar wise and how its organised. I considered making a new and improved version of it – but I decided not to. Not for now, at least. There’s a lot of charm in knowing that this Norwegian speaking 24 year old girl wrote a book in English, without any education in either book writing or english grammar (I mean, I learned some english in school, but I was never confident speaking or writing based on that).

A few words of wisdom for you; if you’re eager to do something, but you feel like you’re not good enough – just do it. You’ll be glad you did. And if you’re struggling with some inner turmoil or eager to find some real happiness in life – check out ‘Crushing On Me’ here. 


Mens jeg leste den innså jeg også at den kunne vært skrevet så veldig mye bedre. Både med tanke på grammatikk og hvordan den er oppbygd. Jeg vurderte å lage en ny versjon av den, men bestemte meg for å la være. Hvertfall for nå. Det er litt sjarm i å vite at en norsk 24 år gammel jente skrev en engelsk bok, uten noe utdanning i hverken bokskriving eller Engelsk. Altså, jeg har jo hatt engelsk på skolen, men har aldri følt meg noe flink på bakgrunn av det. Noen visdomsord fra meg: hvis du har lyst til å gjøre noe, men ikke føler du er god nok – bare gjør det! Du kommer til å være så glad for det senere. Og hvis du sliter med indre uro, eller kunne ønske du hadde mer glede i livet – sjekk ut ‘Crushing On Me’ her. 


Love, Anne

I tried 'x' for a week

Adding a new column to my blog


Good morning, loves

As I get to know myself better, the content I create changes – and I’m so excited to share my new upcoming column with you. Like – really excited. 

I’m a girl who absolutely love trying new things. I’m curious, I’m indecisive, and changing things up is my hobby. Also, let’s be honest, I get easily bored with routines. This column is going to be me sharing my experience trying one new thing for 5 days straight.


Etterhvert som jeg begynner å kjenne meg selv bedre, får jeg også lyst til å dele litt nye og annerledes ting med dere. Slik som denne nye blogg-serien jeg har tenkt å kjøre i gang. Noe dere kanskje ikke vet er at jeg elsker å prøve nye ting. Jeg er veldig nyskjerrig, litt ubesluttsom, og kan vel egentlig si jeg blir rekordraskt lei av rutiner. I denne ‘serien’ vil jeg dele min erfaring med å prøve en helt ny ting – i en uke (eller 5 dager, da. En arbeidsuke, ikkesant. Sykt business). Jeg gleder meg sånn!


I’ve been watching Lucie Fink and her youtube series Try Living With Lucie for a long time now. And along with other youtubers trying different diets and exercise routines for a week – it has left me super inspired.

I’ll do it blogstyle – with an occasional video here and there – and I would love for you to be involved in the process! I’ve got a lot of ideas written down already. Things like juicing, no plastic, different exercises, no social media, intermitted fasting, not washing my hair (😳), and so on. But if you’ve got some cool things for me to try for a week – shout! It doesn’t have to be health-related, I’m up for anything!


Jeg har fulgt med på Lucie Fink og hennes youtubeserie Try Living With Lucie rimelig lenge nå. Så den serien, sammen med andre youtubere som prøver ulike ting i en uke, har gjort meg superinspirert. Jeg kommer til å gjøre det skriftlig, muligens med noen videoer her og der – og jeg har så lyst til at dere skal være involvert i det hele! Jeg har skriblet ned mange ideer til hva jeg kan prøve. Blant annet juicing, en uke uten å bruke plastikk, prøve ulike treningsformer, null sosiale medier, periodisk faste, ikke vaske håret (hjelp), osv. Men har du noen forslag – rop ut! Det trenger ikke være linket til holistiske sunne ting i det hele tatt – I’m up for anything! 


Share your input in the comment section, or send an dm on Instagram! Can’t wait to get started!

Lots of love, Anne


I had an astrology reading


Ever since I was a kid I’ve been obsessed with astrology. It started with girly magazines – reading what my upcoming month would be like based on my sun-sign. From there it escalated to my mom coming home with horoscope books for me to enjoy – about what every sign could expect for the upcoming year, or a whole book about Pisces. Every time I visit my grandma (this has been going on for probably a decade now), I grab her woman’s magazine and read the weekly horoscope out loud for both me and her – more as a joke than anything else. But I’ve always had a real curiosity and belief in the planets and their impact on our lives and who we are.

Pisces. My sign. I’ve always felt so connected to it, and proud of it. But not until a few years ago did I become aware that there are more to the whole astrology thing than our sun-sign. There are moon-signs, rising signs, different houses and loads more that goes into it.

I’ve tried reading my whole birth chart myself several times (also with help from the awesome website Astrolabe), but last Friday I got serious and contacted an actual astrologer to do a reading for me. The session found place yesterday – and did in a few different ways point me in the direction of more trust and inner calm.


Key points from my reading:

My chart shows that I have close to nothing of the earth element in me – just a lot of water and fire. In other words; grounding doesn’t come naturally to me. Inner peace is something I have to bring into my life myself. I have to consciously work on grounding to feel safe and not too ‘airy’, and also to lay the foundation on which I can start building cool things.

I do have a yod in my chart. I had no idea what that was prior to this reading, but apparently its known as ‘finger of God’. I was explained that if you have a yod in your chart, there’s something specific you’re on this earth to do – in this lifetime. You’re basically on a mission. I’ve always felt like there’s this one thing I’m here to do, just haven’t been able to put my finger on what that is. Learning about this yod of mine reassured that feeling, and made me trust that what it is will become clear to me when its meant to.

I haven’t yet had my Saturn return. It happens when we’re 28-29 years old, and for many people life stirs up a bit at that time. If you’re not on the right path, you will be directed to it at that point.

Plutos place in my chart at the moment can explain why I feel so foggy and have a hard time knowing what to do moving forward. (Thanks Pluto, hehe.)


Based on all this I’ve taken a step back, mentally, and stopped pushing so hard. Especially in the area of career, where I’ve been very frustrated lately. I trust that this is not the right time to find definite answers about that, and that when the time is right I’ll be directed to where I need to go. I’ve also researched ways of feeling more grounded and how to open the root chakra – and I’m on my way to make some of those things a part of my daily routine (although I hate routines… and that’s exactly why I need it I guess hehe.)

I did my reading with beautiful Tonje.


Have you had a reading? Tell me about it! 💛


Where did I go?


Hi there love, I miss you!

Right now I’m eating homemade risotto, in my bed, located in the corner of my little bedroom also ironically known
as ‘the pent house’, in an old house I share with 6 other people, on the countryside of Norway.

That’s where I went, and thats where a lot changed – for the better.

I’m so flattered and humble that so many of you beautiful souls have sent me messages asking if I’m okay, based on the fact that I haven’t been that present on social media lately. My Instagram account used to be a place where I posted pictures and thoughts daily – but for the past year or so I’ve been very on and off with it all.

First of; no need to worry – I’m happy to report that I’m feeling amazing! 

That being said; things are changing around here.

Ever since I went to Bali (a year ago!! omg time flies), I’ve felt this weird feeling around my business and social media presence in general. Long story short; I finally came to the conclusion that I don’t want to do this as a business anymore.

Instagram was once a place for me to express my creativity, but as the following got bigger and I saw the potential of what it could become, it became more and more of a duty to me. Editing wasn’t as fun anymore, shooting photos felt like a chore, and liking other peoples pictures got scheduled into my workday. Alongside this my passion for holistic health slowly faded, and it all felt forced.

Now, let me explain. I will always be grateful for the world of holistic health, as it literally saved my life. I still cherish and use all the tools I’ve collected, and love talking about it, but I am no longer eager to have my whole life revolve around it.


Realising this only led me to a even better place, and I’ve decided that I still want to be here – but in another way. I want this place to be a space where I share my creativity again. I want to learn more about photography, editing, writing and webdesign – and share it all with you. It might not be all plant based, natural, holistic, perfect and consistent, but it will still be me.

Now that this is out in the open I’m gonna run down the wooden stairs, find one of the bathrooms and drown my funny face in cold water. Then I’ll do my best to fall asleep in this 30 degree celsius bedroom of mine. Ayyy, am I the only one looking forward to autumn already?

Can’t wait for crisp fresh air, knitted sweaters, hot cocoa, hugs and cuddles. Mihi.

Love, xx

Anxiety Holistic Mindset Personal

Tips for healing anxiety holistically


Hi loves – feels like its been forever!

I would love to update you on my life, but if I ever do; that will be a different post 💛

Although I haven’t been that present on my social media accounts for quite a while, I still get DM’s and questions about anxiety. How to heal it holistically, my tips, my story, what I recommend doing. I kind of feel like it’s my duty to share all my knowledge and experiences about this subject, because I myself got through it, and know that so many others are on the same journey right now.

Many of you know that I healed my own generalised anxiety disorder with holistic practices, and consider myself ‘healed’ today. That being said; I still feel anxious sometimes. The difference is that now a days I feel fear or anxiety around specific events/happenings in my life, which is totally normal and healthy. Not like before where I felt anxious 24/7, had random panic attacks and a constant inner turmoil.

Healing anxiety

The secret to healing anxiety holistically is to remember the meaning of the word holistic, which is whole. To make up a whole we need many different (some small, some large), bits and pieces. There wasn’t one thing alone that led me to feel healthy and calm again, it was the combination of many different things.

Now, whenever I feel anxious, I go through a mental list consisting of different tools that usually helps. I ask myself: “what is going to help in this moment?”. And the answer will vary. I follow my intuition and do what feels good to me at that given time.

My mental list:

This list is one that I’ve made myself, based on years of trying different things. This is my list, and your list will probably look somewhat different. You can try the things mentioned in my list, but be kind to yourself and understand that we’re all so incredibly unique and different; not everything is going to feel good to you.

(Calm app)

(Mostly stretching, with my chill playlist)

Whole plant foods
(smoothies, oats, greens and all the good stuff)

Less refined sugar
(such as candy, ice-cream, cookies…)

Less alcohol
(you can party without alcohol if you want to! promise.)

More me-time
(all alone, just me and my own space)

Sharing my thoughts
(with my coach or someone I trust)

Less nicotine
(for those of us who sometimes enjoys that)

More time in nature
(go for a walk, a run, a swim..)

(run, yoga, hit the gym – basically break a sweat)

(writing down my thoughts in a secret book)

Make a vision board
(to get a sense of where I want to go in life)

Write a gratitude list
(to see every little fabulous thing in my life much clearer)

Drink more water
(because water is grounding)

Cleanse my living space
(by burning sage)

Use flower essences / essential oils
(spray or diffuser)

Less caffeine
(coffee, chocolate, green/black tea)

Read a self help book
(here and here are some of my favs)

Be creative
(for me: blogging, writing, photographing, singing..)

Positive quotes / affirmations
(that I say over and over to myself)

More sleep
(zzz – we all need them)

(I am perfect just the way I am, I don’t need to be any different, neither do you.)

This is a long list – I know. But these are all little things that helped and still helps me in times of anxiety. Although its a list, I don’t mean that everything has to be checked of for me to feel amazing – its just a little list of things that usually helps. And for me, all these things in combination led me to a place of health again 💛









Favourite hardbacks for a happier life


The Power

By Rhonda Byrne

This book is like my bible. It’s filled with inspirational quotes, and motivation to get on a higher frequency and attract to you what you most desire in life. It’s all about the law of attraction – very simple, easy to read, and nice to have on hand at all times. I used to read it as a part of my morning routine before (just a page or two), as it puts me in the right mindset and makes an amazing foundation for the day ahead. 

Rhonda Byrne is the author of The Secret, which you’ve probably heard of before – and this is just a sequel to that one. It has the same structure and message, but I love this one way more than the Secret, so I mean… just go get it.


The Untethered Soul 

By Michael A. Singer

More of a… in depth book? More spiritual than the other ones I’m mentioning here. It’s about who we are. We’re not our body, we’re not our thoughts or emotions, but we’re the consciousness witnessing all of these things. Knowing this makes it easier to deal with hardships, but also easier to take risks and not fear failure – amongst other things. 

If you haven’t thought about this before, this book will be revolutionary for you. It’s a well known book, popular in the spiritual community, and I totally get why. 


You’re A Badass 

By Jen Sincero 

If you’re one of those amazing little souls who’s been following my journey the past few years, you’ll know that my obsession with Jen Sincero is absolutely never ending. I refuse to stop talking about this incredible woman and her work, so you’re just gonna have to bear with me. I’ve been a bookworm since I was a tiny little girl (glewed to my bed, finishing every Penny & Friends book I could get my hands on in just hours), so I’m quite picky with my books of choice. Not every, actually quite few, authors tickle my brain, but this woman does.

I have this book both in hardback and on iBooks, so you can read a little more about it in this blogpost (my fav iBooks). All I have to say for now is that this book will change your life, it’s easy to read, and she makes you laugh – what a perfect concoction. 


You’re A Badass at making money 

By Jen Sincero 

My current obsession – no surprise, since the almighty Jen Sincero is the woman holding the pen. This book has changed my relationship with money completely, and what happened while reading it was a magical experience to be honest.

She talks about how money is energy, and the whole universe is built up of just that. I spent 3 evenings engulfed in these pages, and just reading the words raised my frequency in incredible ways. I don’t know how to explain this to you without coming off as a freak, but I’ve never experienced the law of attraction work so instantly for me before. While reading it, and doing the exercises in the book, so many money-opportunities came to me – and that happened every single night I read it. I got mails from a bunch of people looking for coaching, different businesses wanting to collab, and messages about more hours at my part time job – and that in only 3 nights. 

She teaches you how to get a different mindset around money, how to get on the right frequency to attract more, and also how to actually dare to go for your wildest career dreams.

I will read it again and again, and if you’re ready to afford your dream life you should get your hands on it as well. 

Healthy Food Holistic

How I stay hydrated (with Eva Solo)

Bottle sponsored by Eva Solo 

There’s one thing I know I should do, but find really hard, and that is to keep myself hydrated. Although I know how good it makes me feel, and how easy it really is, plain water just ain’t that fun. And we’re all about the fun around here, am I right? Yes I am.

That’s why I’m so excited to show you my recent rescuing prince – the MyFlavour bottle from Eva Solo. The bottle is made of BPA free plastic (which is much better for our bodies), and comes with a stick of stainless steel to place all my favourite fruits and vegetables on. Mind. Blown. Not only does the stick help me get a beautiful instaworthy look on my water, but it also makes it so much easier to get the fruits and veggies out of the bottle when I want to empty it. 

I fill up my bottle with cold water, fresh fruits or berries right before I go to bed, leave it in the windowsill overnight (it’s like a fridge during the Norwegian winter) and drink it all up first thing in the morning. I’ve kind of made a vow to myself not to do anything until that bottle is empty. This is such an awesome addition to my morning routine, because the sight of this fresh looking bottle actually makes me crave the almighty H2o the second I wake up.

Here’s, to remind myself, why I want to stay hydrated:

Keep my energy levels up
We’re made up of just about 60% water, so, if we’re lacking, our body will be busy taking care of more
important things than challenging workouts and fun night with friends

Better skin
In addition to exercise, water is key to glowing skin for me

Smooth digestion
It helps flush waste from the intestines, and can help break down food as well

Help my body flush out toxins
Through sweat and urination

Clear mind
Since our brain is mostly water

To feel more grounded
Water comes from nature, and makes me feel more in tune with both myself and my surroundings

I aim to get in 2-3 of these bottles a day, as that equals about 2 litre of water which for me feels perfect.

You all know I’m all about the simplicity, so I’m a happy girl when I don’t have to make things too fancy smancy. Luckily for me, I don’t need more than a little lime sliced in pieces before my tastebuds are clapping. Add a few strawberries or kiwis in there, and I’m blown away. 

Up until April 22 you can get 20% off when you order the bottle on Just enter the discount code HOLISTICAL20, and you’re the proud owner of my recent lifesaver.  

Adenomyosis Natural Beauty

Testing 3 organic tampon brands


I love my period.

It’s funny – me and my flatmates, both girls and guys, had a conversation about periods the other day. And when I expressed my love for this time of the month, one of the guys were like “I have never heard anyone say they love their period before.” All we ever hear about the period is how much most people hate it, the inconvenience of it, and all the discomfort and pain that follows.

I have always loved mine. It makes me feel feminine, and let me tell you – there’s so much more than just bleeding involved in this process. When you decide to educated yourself on the cycle and this magical process happening inside your body every month, you’ll see that it is really interesting.

With my increasing curiosity around this bloody time of the month – choosing organic and natural menstrual equipment has become very important to me. Especially after I learned that I have adenomyosis. We really don’t know what is hidden inside conventional tampons and pads, but it can be a lot of shit that our body isn’t fan of. The vagina is one of the most absorbent parts of the body, so I want to make sure that what I put up there isn’t harmful.

Regular cotton and synthetic rayon is what most conventional tampons are made of. When the cotton isn’t organic it means it is grown with pesticides. And synthetic rayon is most likely bleached with chlorine and dioxin. Some conventional tampons also contain fragrance and dyes.

It might not be the biggest deal in the universe, but I’m fan of making the best choices that I can in every area of life, so that the sum of chemicals and shit entering my body is at a minimum. After all, a woman uses around 11.000 pads or tampons in her lifetime. ELEVEN THOUSAND.

Anyways! I decided to check out the three brands of organic tampons you can find in Norway – Ginger Organic, Masmi and Natracare. You can get one called Yoni as well, but it was a little expensive to ship only one package, so I skipped it. Here are the results:


Ginger organic

59,- nok (6 euros) for 18 tampons
3,- nok per tampon
Bought mine at BeeOrganic

Before I tried any of the three brands, this one was my definite favourite. Just look at it. I actually think I’m in love with this package. I just love the earthy feel both the colours and the material of the packaging is giving me. I feel very calm when I hold it in my hands – and that’s a first one with menstrual necessities. The package is biodegradable, and I have to say, this whole brand is awesome when it comes to everything eco.

They are certified by ECOCERT, GOTS, FSC, Allergy Certified and the nordic certification Svanemerket. The tampons are made of 100% organic cotton, and are free from harmful chemicals and chlorine.

I tried this one first, and actually bled through it in one hour. By accident I bought the MINI one, and since I have the heaviest flow the first day – that’s probably why. It worked perfectly the last few days, so I’ll definitely get the ‘normal’ one and try it some other time. When I looked at all the tampons I tested, this one and Masmi looked very alike.




45,- nok (5 euros) for 18 tampons
2.50,- nok per tampon
Bought mine at Naturkilden

The packaging of this one is very… typically natural products looking? Not too fancy, just kind of boring.

They are certified by ICEA (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute) and GOTS (Global Organic Standard). The tampons are made of certified organic cotton. They are also free from perfume, viscose, chlorine and dioxin, and they are hypoallergenic. Also, they are 100% biodegradable.

My experience:
I changed over to this one after I bled through the Ginger Organic one, and it worked perfectly. Since this one looks very similar to Ginger Organics I’ll probably keep getting this one as it’s a tad cheaper.



Natra care

59,- nok (6 euros) for 20 tampons
3,- nok per tampon
Bought mine at SkinLove 

This is the brand I’ve been using for years, up until now, just because they’re available everywhere in Norway. The packaging is alright, with cute little flowers on them.

This is an award winning brand. Their products are made of organic cotton, free from chlorine and plastic, and are also biodegradable. They pay huge attention to animal welfare, and make sure that non of their products are tested on animals. They actually have a certification from The Vegetarian Society.

My experience:
Harder to open the individual tampons, but the packaging of the single tampon is SO CUTE. I also know that these tampons works just the way they are supposed to. I never leak through the ´regular´ one, and can always go the normal 4 hours before changing.


I’ll probably keep getting the Masmi tampons, as they are the cheapest and they work. They’re not super easy to find in Norway though, so don’t be surprised if you see me with a package of Natracare either. Bottom line though; organic and natural tampons works just as fine as conventional ones – and they’re so much better for you! Also; make sure to get the right size for your flow! xx

Natural Beauty

Vegan makeup-brush brands


Like I said in my post about vegan and organic makeup brands, I’m all about choosing vegan whenever I can. Makeup is one of the areas where doing so has become very easy. And especially with high quality makeup brushes, as we only really have to buy them once.

I remember when I was younger, and I stumbled upon a brush made of goat hair. I remember thinking this is so SOFT. I want to cuddle it all day. I wasn’t educated enough to understand that there was actually parts of an innocent animal I was stroking over my skin (although it said goat hair) – no wonder I wanted to cuddle it.

I’m not for animal testing or the use of animal by-products at all, and really think animals have a bigger purpose here on planet earth than to be used for makeup application. That’s why I find it so cool that we’re living in a world that are becoming more and more aware of this, and offers awesome makeup products without animals in them.

Today I’ll show you 4 brands that makes vegan makeup brushes, so that you can look like a doll and leave the animals alone at the same time.


A sweet little US brand, which makes all their brushes from recycled materials such as bamboo. They place a huge emphasis on being environmental friendly, chic and affordable at the same time.

In my makeup bag you can find three of these, and I love them. I’ve had them for years and they still works perfectly. I use this one for bronzer and finishing my makeup, this one (to the left) for concealer and foundation on smaller areas, and this one (to the right) for eyeshadow.



UK based brand, with all vegan makeup brushes. I’ve never tried any of them, but they look high quality and pretty! You can find them here.



As far as I can tell these are UK made, and do an awesome job to support the environment. Not only are their brushes sustainable, but also the packaging. The brushes have bamboo handles, and the packaging are printed with vegetable inks and have ‘windows’ made from corn starch – stuck using solvent free water based adhesives. Pretty awesome, hey?

I recently bought their powder brush, and it’s perfect for contouring or applying bronzer.



You’ve heard of this brand, right? I had no idea they were all vegan before my friend started working there. They are US based I think, but you can find them all over Europe as well. This brand is high quality in everything they do – if it wasn’t for the fact that their makeup aren’t organic (yet?!) I would dive all in. You can find them here.


Do you know of any awesome brands?  💋

Anxiety Holistic

My goals in life


What you’re about to read is a blogpost I wrote exactly a year ago, but for some reason it’s been left chilling in “drafts” since then. I stumbled upon it today and thought hey, let’s put it out in the universe. Definitely still stand by all of it. 


April 24th 2017: 

I recently reposted an old blogpost about my experience with anxiety (you can read it here), and in one of the last paragraphs I wrote that my goals in life has changed. Since some of you asked what my goals are now, I thought I would write a little bit about it today.


Not skinny but happy

One of the reasons why I got anxiety at the time that I did, was because I restricted my calories and was very strict with myself, the way I looked and “performed” in life. I’m not kidding when i say that the last 5 months or so up until my first panic attack I thought about food and my physical appearance every second of the day. Now my goal is not to be as skinny as possible – it is to be happy. I just want to be happy! No matter what that looks like to me, that’s what I want. I know that when I eat healthy, exercise, meditate and laugh, that makes me feel good and alive in the long run. So that’s why I do it.

Be a kind person

I just want to be kind to absolutely everyone. Not that I was a particularly ‘bad’ or bitchy person before, but still. My anxiety really taught me the lesson of being kind to myself, and when I saw the value of that, it made me want to be nothing but kind and loving towards everyone else as well.

Do work that I love

My family has always been very open minded around work, and encouraged me to study and do things that I’m passionate about. But as a teenager I was very much in the mindset of getting a lot of money by doing hard work I don’t necessarily like. After working a lot on myself I realised that the reason I wanted money was because I wanted to buy things/feel safe, which would eventually lead me to a state of happiness. My goal now isn’t about the money, it’s about going straight to the happiness part. Life is a unique gift, and for me, wasting 50% of my days doing something I’m not passionate about – it just isn’t what I want anymore. My goal is to earn a living on something I truly love.

Help people

With my own healing came a passion for helping others as well. I want to spend my time on this planet making other people feel good, and with my own experience show people a different way of doing just that. My goal is to leave everyone I meet happier than when I met them.


If you see hardships and bumps in the road as blessings, you can learn so much about yourself and how you want to live your life. I’m forever grateful for anxiety and all the big and tiny ways it changed me.