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By optimising every part of you & your life

Hi love, and welcome to our little bobble 
where restriction & rules are out, and 
the real, quirky, authentic you is in.

As a health coach I help you reach goals and make positive changes in your life. Working together we’ll bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to be. With a realistic and positive approach you will be guided to achieve your dreams and change difficult situations in your life. Coaching goes beyond willpower by tapping into your intuition and make changes that are effortless and lasting.

When you're one of a kind you have no competition


a peek into my life

On my blog I share bits and pieces of whatever happens to cross my mind. Everything from plant based recipes, youtube videos on various subjects, natural and organic beauty products, excerpts from my day and photos of my dog.

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Holistic- means whole and -al is me, Anne-Line! Holistical started as a blog and Instagram account about my journey out of anxiety and food- & body issues and into the good life. It's now grown into a place where I help other superstars like you improve your life, through working with both mind, body and soul.

My philosophy

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“If you go into the woods where there’s already a trail, you can be sure that’s not your path”

Slim thighs, clear skin, toned abs, shiny hair, a perfect butt, happiness and love. Most of us are looking for it – in all the wrong places and for the saddest reasons. We’re taught to believe that happiness is found in the perfect appearance or the perfect surroundings – and that we’ll get there by following another persons diet, someone else’s workout routine or some experts lifestyle.
My philosophy and experience tells me
differently. I tried all of the above, but nothing seemed to work. Creating my own lifestyle and falling in love with me on the other hand – that changed everything. By getting more in tune with my body, mind and soul, finding the foods I personally thrive on and following my heart – I ended up with the body and life I’d always dreamed of.
I believe we’re all different, in every way, and that’s our strength.


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